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  1. Josef

    Caribbean Engines

    Correction: the number should be 4xxxxxx
  2. Josef

    Caribbean Engines

    Yes by year and model of the car. Go to this site: this site has a lot of info. there were two types of the 327 engine. One with solid lifters and one with hy
  3. John, you might be better finding one that is complete. I have restored several and know it is hard to find parts. by the way, it appears that someone has replaced the frame as well.
  4. Josef

    Factory options

    Somewhere I have seen a site that list what was standard on the 53 Packard and what we're add -on options. Does anyone know where to find this site. thank- in -advance
  5. Josef

    Caribbean Engines

    In addition to the above, the 53 caribbean engine numbers were L3xxxxxx and had hydraulic lifters.