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  1. Either Way this new tank looks to be a way better alternative than what i have. I also agree with you on the ethanol. I am building this car and plan to have it up and driving within the next 60 days. This will be a daily driver for me. Some are saying i am being way to picky on the work i am doing for a daily driver but I am of the mindset one time and done.
  2. When you take the measurements of the old tank vs the new tank was those measurements overall dimensions or just the dimensions of the tank portion. In other words looking at the old tank and like the one i have now there are those empty flat spaces in the corners that are just flat metal. It is odd for this to be the same exact size tank and like you said it looks bigger than the original. Per the 65 Riv's owner manual it states Fuel Capacity 20 gallons but this new tank only shows 17 gallons. That could very well be a good reason the sending unit is off by 1/8th.
  3. All now that i know i don't have the correct tank I would like to know what the exact GM Part # was in 65 for the fuel tank also I would like to get the exact Tank Specs if anyone can measure one of your tanks. I looked at gastanks.com at the GM-34 as one of the post said it was real close to the original. Only issue I think may be incorrect is, that it only shows to be a 17 gallon. Per the owners Manual I notice it states a 20 gallon tank. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. All I have figured out this is a tank from a different auto. After rechecking the neck is not even in the center of the tank. The neck is offset to the right if facing the neck from the bumper. I was able to manipulate the tank a little more to get it in line but will now be in search of something more correct per one of the other threads I had read.
  5. Hi All, I have a question about the 65 Riv Fuel Tank. I am not thinking the tank on my Riv is stock and not ever seeing the stock tank I was hoping some of you could point out some specifics to the fuel tank. My tank neck does not seem to fit correctly as it is touching at the bottom of the trunk. Also there is only 1 fuel line going to the tank but the sending unit has 3 tubes coming out. I have done a search on this topic in the forum but didn't find what I was looking for.
  6. I did the tape on top of the chrome and sandblasted. Come out great. Ready for primer and paint.
  7. This roof skin is in great shape. I would really like to move this before it deteriorates.
  8. Thais to all for the advice. I will report back soon as I get it done.
  9. Here are the pictures. Roof was cut well below the lead seam
  10. I have a very good roof off a 63 I would part with. I need a new windshield for my 65. Interested in a trade or sale for $400.00
  11. Hi all. My cowl vents are white and paint is flaking or chipped. I am going to repaint to a black to match the car but I am not sure best method to remove the paint. Especially with all the small grooves and the 90 bend. I don't want to blast and mess up the chrome on top. Let me know of any ideas.
  12. Thanks guys. The main thing I was looking for if anyone thought the Classicfabrications panels where better quality and worth the extra money. The C2C panels were ok but having to do alot of work with them and they are short on each side by about 2 inches.
  13. HI All I am looking to see if anyone has had any dealing with Classicfabrication's floor pans for the first Gen Rivs? I originally got a front floor pan on from c2c and was ok. Then I ordered the under rear seat pans on ebay and was not very happy with them. They even came in a c2c box. I found the Classicfabrications website but to be honest they are quite a bit higher at $83.00 per panel. Anyone had association with them? I understand the Founder has retired and is now the son.
  14. Hi All, My 65 RIV does not have power windows and its an option i would like to put on my car. I have found a 63 Parts car with all the power windows that i can purchase. Can anyone tell me how hard this would be to swap over from the 63 to the 65? I assume the regulator and motors would be simple enough to remove from the front doors but how hard is this to get out of the rear quarter panels? Also has anyone had experience with the wiring harness how much will need to be changed? Also was planning to use the door panels out of the 63 but I noticed the 65 only has the one door handle but the 63 has 2 one at the front of the panel and 1 at the rear for the back seat. Is there any problems to switch this over? Also was looking at using the A/C system from the 63 to the 65 including the controls on the slider under the top of the dash. I like the looks of these controls on the RIV. But not sure how much trouble this is going to be.
  15. I actually called the company up and purchased a 2 gallon kit with spray gun. Will report back in a few weeks when i see how this stuff does.
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