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  1. First off thank you both for answering,and Secondly,Where might I purchase the internal parts Barney shows or can they be bought over the counter ?
  2. Light opens,and closes OK but motor keeps running for3-5 seconds after open or close whats,the problem
  3. Be sure that your alt.is charging the battery,and that everything is working properly,Had a friend hook me up wrong once,and it fried the charging circuit.The vehicle would start after charging the battery ,and all the lights worked,but only while the battery was charged,ended up with a new battery. alt, and something else can't remember what., total was around $500 That was on a 1983 chev truck
  4. If you want to pay $135 http://www.diyrepairmanuals.com/products.asp?cat=697
  5. Wasn't aware that the Reatta had a throaty sound unless you put a after market muffler, or resonator on it.Had a 61 Corvair with dual pipes coming out of a resonator no muffler it sounded real good..
  6. Dan Ogle


    Iam just glad to be here,
  7. It's the same with the chrome wheels,mags,hood scoop,spoiler. It's all cosmetic.When you change what the car came with your individualizing,making it different from the norm,in a way that you feel makes it look better. I would love to put old style chrome reverse wheels with the hub cap ears that would accept baby moon hob caps on my 91, but so far I haven't found any that will fit without using an adapter.
  8. ;)My 91 has always had good brakes,but I thought that the brake pedal went down to far ( it had new rotors,and calipers when I bought back in Dec. 2013). It was warm today ( middle 70's ),and I was checking under the hood,and found a vacuum line that was really loose.You could move it back and fourth with your finger. no clamp. I traced it back to what I think is the brake booster.So replaced it with a new hose. Started it up ,drove around the block,and noticed that the brake pedal seemed to only go down about half of what it was. Now is this just my imagination or did replacing this line hav
  9. My opinion again, black -walls on a 60's,and 70's muscle car give it a more aggressive look.
  10. Well when it comes right down to it it's what you ,the owner likes.Frankly I like black-walls on the Reatta,but thats what I like. It's your car do what you like,and not what someone else thinks.
  11. The Reatta in my opinion was doomed from the start.When you take a vehicle designed as a sports car,and change it to a luxury sport coupe,with no options,and when I say options,I'am talking engine type,and trans type,and its just a 2 seater,your removing a large number of potential buyers.Very few old folks buy small cars.On top of that it was way over priced.You could get a convertible,but not until it had been on the market for 2 years.There are a number of items that could have been offered that would have made the car more appealing to all groups,and not just a small niche,also had it bee
  12. I concur with My3Buicks,I would never take my Reatta to the local dealer,and Cargirl has a good idea.Last time I went to the local dealer (not in this town) I had a 97 Dodge Ram,and the check engine light kept coming on,and then go off,and stay off for 6 months., before it would come back on.Dealer checked it out,and told me it needed a valve job,Now this truck was only a year old,with about 8000 miles on it..I told my neighbor what the dealer had said,and he asked me if he could look at it.(he was a retired mechanic),brought it back to me and told me that one of the coils wasn't firing like
  13. Very nice, I've never seen one without the pinstripes.Looks really good
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