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    Wanted a toy to tinker with so I bought a 1949 Chrysler New Yorker...

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  1. Thanks for the info, I left it on and the car runs so I guess it is ok
  2. It actually took me a little longer than it should have, I did not check the new pump in and out positions before I installed it and they were reversed, so I had to remove it and reassemble the bottom on the body correctly and then reinstall it. Sooo...I am a little more knowledgeable about fuel pump removal and install on 1949 Mopar straight 8's than I use to be..
  3. thank you all for the responses, I got a new pump and the old girl is on the road again.
  4. On my new fuel pump it has a round canister screwed into the outlet side of the pump. What does this canister do? My old pump had a plug screwed in that spot. thanks
  5. hi, My fuel pump is leaking while the car is running...not good for gas mileage:rolleyes: I removed the pump, the bowl is and all internal parts are spotlessly clean. I do not see any tares or holes in the diaphragm but as it looked like the gas was coming from the breather hole on top there must be a pin hole somewhere. so my next question is does anyone have a source for me to buy either a rebuild kit or a whole fuel pump. I see there is one on ebay for $259 but I don't want to spend that much money for what should be a $50 pump. Thanks
  6. Very nice job!! It makes me miss those days...even though I was not around then in the first place
  7. My 49 New Yorker Accelerates like a modern Semi Truck and stops like one also, so I just tuck in about 4 car lengths behind a truck rolling 60 and enjoy the ride when on SoCal freeways...
  8. Located in Hemet, CA. Currently registered in California with 11 months remaining. You can get in this car and drive it anywhere as long as you can afford the gas bill. it gets about 12 mpg at 60mph. The car is all stock. Drive it home for $8000. I have receipts to show how the car has been maintained. SOLD FOR $6500:D:D:D
  9. go to your local small airport and tell the guy at the desk you need to buy a couple of Adel clamps. I do it all the time...
  10. My 2 cents is stay far away from any 1950 and older chrysler cars with straight 8's. Total gas guzzlers and hard to afford parts for. Stick with the 60's to early 70's chevy and ford and you cannot loose.
  11. I insure all my stuff with AAA and when I had a car stolen it was settled for far more than I expected in 14 days.
  12. Hi, Well I spent hours today in triple digit heat in my garage finding TDC of #1 piston on my straight 8 the hard way by turning the motor by hand using the fan with fan belt. (yes I did pull all the spark plugs first lol). I found where the "0" should be and made a mark with a hacksaw blade and painted a white line using finger nail polish on the dampner. I previously timed the car by ear...wow was I off. The timing was about 20 degrees retarded so I brought it up to 2 deg advanced. The Motors manual and the Chilton manual disagree, one says to time it at 0 dead on and the other says 2 advanced. The good news is I took it for a drive in the 105 degree temps and it did not overheat and it ran the smoothest it has ever run. even in first gear it runs without bucking. Now I really only need to replace the vacuum brake booster and the front and rear springs on the driver side and all the rest is cosmetic work. Thanks to all the info on this site and the tech stuff I have gotten this far otherwise I would have flopped. I thing my next car will be a "T" Bucket rod, it'll be easier to fix and fit in my garage better and probably get better mileage. Oh well enough dreaming, back to work:cool:
  13. If you really want to feel "Out there alone" Buy an early Mopar product like my 49 New Yorker, I was the only one at the LA Roadster show, which is a Hugh show out west here. And parts, what parts there are very few available and the ones that are are expensive. You are much better off with that Ford. If it was not for the guys on these forums and Hemmings mag this thing would have been sold or crushed already. It is rewarding I have to admit when a lesson is learned on how things use to be done and when a problem is cured. Not complaining just a little envious:p
  14. Yep the booster is definitely not working, so I'll pull it and send it to Portland. I'll probably do the leakdown test on Monday. The new rings are broke in so now would be a good time to check it. When I had the head off, the valves looked ok but that does not mean a couple aren't leaking. I alos think I will check cold valve adjustment, that has probably not been done in 90,000 miles!