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  1. 2 yr. search - finally found one
  2. Wow!!! Shadow (holy smokes)
  3. After doing a total engine tear down I couldn’t find a reason why the car went to the graveyard. After reading an article by Russ Martin about how crappy the 57-58 oil pumps are, I took apart mine only to find a sleeve dislodged itself blocking the flow of oil from the pick up!
  4. 35Joe

    Model A or T body only wanted

    Anyone? Will travel. Retired in need of a project (not a miracle).
  5. Good stuff! Thank you. update: cylinder bore is stock size. Going 20 over for one scratch in one cylinder crank just needs a polish haven't gotten in heads yet may be the wrong shade paint from Bill Hirsh but it's growing on me.
  6. 35Joe

    Model A or T body only wanted

    Prefer a closed car body. Sorry I didn't specify.
  7. Any year in restorable condition. Will travel.
  8. Just now realizing I have 1961-66 heads on the 57 block. I bought the "Best Gasket" set. Not sure yet if and what is properly matched up.Good reading material from 2017 about the port matching.
  9. 35Joe

    1949 roadmaster

    Where it it located? Pics?
  10. 35Joe

    WTB 1959-60 oil pump

    Pump found...
  11. 35Joe

    WTB 1959-60 oil pump

    How can I be sure the pump I have has the vacuum pump?
  12. 35Joe

    WTB 1959-60 oil pump

    I am in n.y. How much would you ask for one?