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  1. Hello, my name is Harry Schneider and I'd like to let you all know about the new "Vancity Plating". I have worked in the chrome plating business for over 28 years and have loved every minute of it. But, I always found myself in conflict with other shops ideas of quality. Being that I wanted to do the absolute best quality chrome, it seemed everyone else just wanted to get it out the door and get paid for it! So, because of their lack of quality, I found myself moving from shop to shop in search of one that felt the same as me. Seems that there isn't one. Then I teamed up with 2 incredible craftsmen, and together, we've opened Vancity Plating. I can finally do it my way and to my ultra high standards! We will be catering to, high-end custom car/bike builders, restorers, and those backyard builders, that are looking for the best quality chrome plating or polishing for their cherished rides! We take our work very seriously and love what we do, and it shows in our final product, if your not happy, we're not happy!! Our welder holds 14 welding tickets and is an absolute master at what he does, plus we have the ability to fabricate things like a rotted out grill, replacing bad areas with new metal giving our customer back an unbelievable finished product! We will become an important part of the hotrod, custom, restoration culture, not just another vendor there to just take your money. We are all dedicated to the same thing, the best product possible, anywhere,period!! All we are asking at first, is to just give us one chance to prove to you that we are the only chrome plating shop you will ever use again, this I truly believe we will do for you. We are using the latest, state of the art, environmentally friendly plating system and are ready to meet the future standards which will have many other shops struggling when new environmental regulations are enforced. At Vancity Plating, we believe in hard work, so we can offer a quick turn around time along with Vancity's standard of quality. Vancity Plating will stand out amongst all it's competitors due to hard work, attention to detail, caring, the passion we have for the auto/bike industry and most of all, making our customers happy. Thank you, if you have any comments or questions, please contact the numbers below or feel free to contact me personally, or drop by the shop, and lets discuss your next project and see how Vancity Plating can help you get it to that next level! Thanks Again, hope to see or hear from you soon! Harry Schneider Vancity Plating #105-2544 Douglas Road Burnaby B.C. Canada, V5C-5W7 info@vancityplating.com www.vancityplating.com (still working on it lol) shop: 604-808-7607 cell: 778-873-6718