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  1. Hehe, yeah; I don't want my a$$ to hurt more than needed. Grandfather drove his '64 till he died at 91 years old, and it shows on the car. We had to replace both front fenders... Black with red interior. It should be nice and sinister when done. Thanks again! Gabriel
  2. Still working on the photo upload thing...
  3. Or perhaps disparaging remarks are not appropriate for this forum? Yeah, originally I attempted to reply immediately, Yet spent many hours trying to figure out how to upload photos of the frame off restoration. I essentially did not get back to it faster, because like most people here, I am sure, I have been insanely busy. I think I just recently found a way to downsize and upload pictures, but am still working on it. Sorry for the delay in response. So, for the record: I am not MIA nor am I warming up for the choir and really don't get why the comments were made... Anyway, I absolutely apprec
  4. I am aware that much has been discussed on this topic in the past, yet has anyone installed this set of Control arm bushing set from CARS, inc. (Old Buick Parts). http://www.oldbuickparts.com/catalog/1963-up-riviera-group-rear-axle-control-arm-bushing-1963-65-riviera-set-p-7516.html Someone mentioned that they are not the proper size, yet it mentioned on the part that "these are the correct length." I was unsure if they have changed them to fit properly as I need some for a frame off restoration on a '64 Riviera. Or should I go with the Rare Parts: http://shop.rareparts.com/smtp/shopdisplayca
  5. Hey there and Happy Holidays, I live in the Redwoods of Northern California and know that the most elegant of all vehicles ever made (in my not so humble opinion) were the Buick Rivieras. My personal favorite being years '65 and '66 (NAILHEAD!). Although I can sometimes be see driving a 1967 Riviera (triple green trim), this is just an illusion, I am really riding a fire breathing DRAGON! I am now seeking my Legend vehicle that will be passed down through the family and I have chosen 1966 Riviera, so if anyone has leads on a very nice quality '66, please send them my way. My ideal car is a sha
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