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  1. I've had a Backyard Buddy, drive on lift, for about 8 years now. Love it! Posts are heavy duty, as well as some of the other components. Look on their website, for a video showing the key points of the lift, as well as what the imports fail at. Price of the imports are cheaper, but so are the components. Watch the video.....it will open your eyes....
  2. I agree with Ed...the battery. I've also had them tested, and shown to be ok. I'd change the battery.
  3. Thanks Dick. I'm out of town, until Friday. Will check voltage etc. when I get home. Your reply, is very much appreciated. Jeff
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look. Appreciate the heads up
  5. Yes I did the wiggle test. Will check the ground, and voltage, as well. Thank you Tom.
  6. The relay switch looks new. Lubed the actuator joints, still no closure. Now I have to assume it's the motor. Too bad it's not vacuum operated like old Vette's. LOL
  7. Opened the hood. There are two relay switches, near the battery. I'm assuming 1 of these is for the motor.
  8. Thanks Tom. I actually had the car running when I tried to close them. Is the relay on the firewall?
  9. Yesterday, the clam shells stayed open, and won't close. Where should I start. I looked in the manuals, and could find nothing.Tried to find a thread, on here, and came up blank. Any suggestions, would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Thanks Tom. Just sprayed carb cleaner on the linkages, and went for a drive. Still idled high. I pulled over and pulled the cleaner off, while running, and the choke was open.I'll take your suggestion, and pull the manuals. The choke was open when first started, as well, but it is warm here in Texas. As for the belching, I agree, It was too full of coolant. Thanks for the help, and I'll keep you up to date, with what happens.Jeff
  11. My 65 has a rebuilt 30 over 401, with a new radiator, all done, before I got the car. At start up it doesn't seem like the choke is on, as the idle is low. Later, while driving, and warmed up, the idle seems high, and I can't kick it down. When I put it in drive at a stoplight, it really slams into drive. Other than that the tranny shifts very smoothly. I'm not a mechanic..but what should I be looking at, to rectify this? Also, when I get it home, coolant is coming out of the overflow hose. Any help is appreciated, and thanks.
  12. Thanks Jim, for the offer. Much appreciated.
  13. Thank you for the reply, Lasse. Thankfully, it's not a bearing, but a low drone. Hard to describe.
  14. Just finished a brake and shock replacement, on my 65. Took it out for a drive, and turned the fan speed up. Question...is the fan motor supposed to be loud? It's quite a drone, to say the least. Thanks.
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