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  1. Fat n Flat, Have you tried to just hook it up on your 6 volt? It might work, I have a "modern" stroboscope timing light, and it works fine on 6 volt.
  2. Charles, Is the axle/pumpkin ok to put right in, or do I need to work on it? And when can it be availible? The shipping cost scares me a little. If the total cost gets over what the same thing would cost me here in Sweden, I might have to pass on your fine offer. I am currently looking around to see if there is someone who can help me out with the transportation over the pond. I looked at a few companies but it was not any acceptable rates. I have a couple of friends that might have a corner left in a container, can I get back to you in a few days when I have checked with them? Jan Christer Andersson
  3. Hi Charles, I have been reading several of your posts and are truly impressed by your knowledge of the old Pontiacs and your friendly answers to peoples questions here! Trond are a fairly common name in Norway and Gunnar is a widely spread name both in Norway as well as in Sweden. I will ask around a bit to see if I can locate them or someone else that might be able to help me out if we are getting to business. What would your price be for your third member if you take it out? Or do you rather want to get rid of the whole axle? I have another '47 rear-end for spare parts, so it's mainly the third member I'm looking for. Let's see what the total cost shipping included will be and then see if it's affordable for me. In the meantime, thank you for your fast answer, and a good day to you! Jan Christer Andersson
  4. Hi All, After been searching the net for information about what third member I can use as replacement on my '47 Streamliner, I decided to ask the question in a way that fits my own situation instead of trying to follow all others issues because it usually ends up in a confused state where the answers tend to be drifting towards newer axles. :confused: Here goes: I would like to replace my 4.30:1 gear to one in the 3.08:1 - 3.42:1 range. Can someone confirm that I can use a third member from Pontiac up to 1956 as a direct replacement? Or is it possible to use an Olds dito? Some say that Olds have ten splines up to 1956, others say 1952. The best case scenario would be if someone in Sweden reads this, and have one for sale...:cool: Thanks in advance, Jan C. Andersson
  5. Hi all, First post after lurking around a bit. I think this is a good way to introduce me as a new member by posting some photos of my 1947 Streamliner. When I bought this true survivor it had the matching six in it, but as the oil ran thru the engine and I happened to stumble upon a 268", I took the liberty to switch engine. I have the six still standing in my shop, and who knows, if I can get my hands on an overhaul kit without having to pay shipping from U.S to Sweden there is a good chance it can find the way back in under the hood. For the moment I'm just enjoying the smooth ride and the comfort, but there is some work to do with the body and replace most of the rubber arond the doors and windows. It came to Sweden in 2008 from Colorado, it seems to have been owned by one person for a long time; I have insurance papers and receipts fro 1963 and forward.
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