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  1. Hello Jacob You can be congratulated on buying such a great car and I am sure that you do well with it. I am an Autoshop teacher and I would welcome you to any of my classes. Your electronic skills will ensure that you will do well in the automotive industry in the future. I hope that we get to meet you and your car and the next BCA nationals. Did you fit new brass or steel freeze plugs? In New Zealand where I originally come from we called them frost plugs or core plugs. Take care John
  2. Hello Bob Thank you for your message. The car is still there and it has only been in the last few weeks thatI have had interest expressed in it. Do all the "Olds" guy hibernate during the winter? lol. The car came to me as part of a package, (59 Buick Le Sabre and the 65 Cutlass). I am into Buicks however I thought that I would do something with it because it was a rag top and had the 330 cubic inch motor. However as time has passed I have become bogged down with Buicks and limited space to keep it. Its missing one front fender and I did locate one for $150. I hope that I can up load some pictures and if that doesn't work please send me your email address and I will forward them through that media. Take care John
  3. Hello Rob Thank you for the link and I will have a look at this site. Thank you once again. Regards John
  4. Hello Dave Thank you for getting back to me and this is agreat site for picking up information, ideas and tips. Thank you once again for taking the time to reply. Regards John
  5. Hello Dick Thank you for replying to this post, it is appreciated. I will get onto them. Take care Regards John
  6. Hello Pete Thank you for your message, it is appreciated. There are two speakers in this car and a spare speaker wire on the rear left side of the rear parcel shelf, however no evidence of ever having a speaker there. The sizes of the speakers are; 1. Front centre dash speaker is 10" long x 4 1/2" wide and the numbers on this speaker are; A7302664, 466818 and it is 10 ohms. 2. The rear right speaker is 9 1/2" long x 6 1/2" wide and the numbers on it are 7300614, 466818 and it is 10 ohms. Thank you for your time and attention. Regards John
  7. Hello Jan Thank you for taking the time to reply to my enquiry. It is greatly appreciated! I will take your advice and have a go and see what happens. I will keep you informed. Thank you once again. Regards John
  8. Hello Everyone I am hoping that someone can help me here. I would like to "restore" the faded colours on the tri-shield emblems which I have on my 1968 Wildcat. Is it possible to seperate/ pry apart without breaking the two layers of plastic. If I can get the top clear layer apart, I am confident that I would be able to mask/tape up each colour and bring them back to life. Any advice would be appreciated. If anyone has got the front grille and rear trunk lid tri shield emblems forsale please let me know? Thanks John BCA #46404 ROA#14353
  9. Hello Everyone Re: 1968 Wildcat parts wanted? Does anyone have for sale the front grille and rear trunk lid tri-shield emblems? I am also looking for a good quality dash pad, (dark olive green would be nice, however ----). Also the instrument cluster surround bezel in good condition? Does anyone have NOS front and rear 10 ohm speakers? Thanks John BCA#46404
  10. Hello Everyone Can I ask for some advice and/or comments on a leak to the top of my steering box. The steering system works very well, however I have recently noticed a leak coming from the top of the steering box. My first impression is that the leak is coming from the seal(s) at the top of the valve body. I have not done this repair on a Buick and in days gone by and on other vehicles, I would replace the seal in place and by initially leaving the steering column shaft and coupling clamped in place, so to give the shaft some preloaded tension and this will hold the recirculating balls in place. Once the lock ring is removed I have then uncouple the steering column shaft and fit the new seals and O' ring, taking care not to move the shaft assembly. Then reassemble the lock ring to the same marks which I made on the steering box housing. Will this work on this model Buick and are there any other pointers and or issues I need to be concerned about? Thank you Regards John
  11. Hello Dale I have brought parts from Mike Hogan who was the owner of the Buick Bonery a year ago. He has the parts for the 1960s Buicks and will get the parts to you quickly and safely. It would pay to ring them and see if Mike has gone and someone else now has the Buick Bonery? Did you send him a photograph of what you wanted? Thanks and I hope that you get your problem sorted out. Regards John
  12. Hello Adrian Congratulations it looks like a great buy and a good starting point for restoration. Good to see that these cars are being kept as going concerns and not being used for parts and scrap metal. Take care and keep us in formed as to what you do with it. Regards John
  13. Hello Ed Hankook Optimo are a good tire and I think that like most Asian tires that offer white walls, they are 3/4 inch wide. I have used Hankook on my daily drivers and would use them again. The only negative would be that they are a little noisy because of the nylon content in the tire which makes them hard wearing. I hope that your '64 is coming along well. Take care John
  14. Hello Everyone I contacted Town Fair Tire Company, as Dave suggested, only to be told that they do not ship tires anywhere and you have to go and collect them in person. This will probably cost me too much to do. Therefore I contacted PerformancePlus Tire Company who are in Long Beach CA and they advertise Uniroyal Tiger Paw AWP 11 which has a 3/4 inch white wall and offerd a set of 4 for $329 including shipping. This appears to be a great deal and covers the correct tire size 205/75 R15 and the Uniroyal brand which was an option when the car was manufactured and has a slightly smaller white wall than what was original. Has anyone on this site brought tires from Performance Plus and my initial contact with them and their replies to emails seem very good? Thank you Regards John
  15. Hello Dave Thank you for the advice I will take a look. Regards John
  16. Hello Everyone I have been trying to locate a set of "correct" white wall tires for my 1983 Riviera. According to my build sheet, which is poor condition, the tires which the list includes is; Goodyear General Uniroyal BF Goodrich and Firestone They were either 205/75R15 or 225/70R15 and had a 1.3inch white wall. I can track down locally either or sizes, however they are either Toyo or Kuhmo and come with a 3/8 inch whitewall. Coker offer a BF Goodrich tire which is 225/70R15 and has either a 3/8 inch white wall or 1 1/2inch white wall. They also offer a Maxxis tire which has a 3/4 inch whitewall. Is this as close as I will get? Thank you for your comments. Regards John ROA#14353 BCA #46404
  17. 25th April is a very important day for New Zealanders and Australians! Thanks John
  18. Hello Everyone I can remember in the days gone by, when thermostats came standard with the air bleed/jiggle pin holes in them. The hole was always placed towards the radiaitor and while never explained, it must have been for the reasons which Ed, Tom and John have said. Are we reinventing the wheel? Does anyone here remember the days when guys whom raced cars, would take the termostat out and fit a "swirl plate" in its place and this initially gave the engine a flow restriction when cold but also prevented overheating issues when hot? Take care John
  19. Hello Doug It should not be leaking. Are you using a genuine cork gasket and not a composite gasket? I have much better luck sealing up older engines using genuine cork gaskets. Are the valve cover bolt holes "belled out" through over tightening and if so, use the pein of an engineer's ball pein hammer to straighten them out. For the last valve cover gaskets I did on a '68 Wildcat engine, (430 cu inch), I used the grey silicone on the valve cover side of the gasket only to ensure that they stayed in place before screwing them down and left the engine/cylinder side of the gasket dry. The last thing is not to over tighten them and use a 3/8" drive ratchet and nothing bigger. Without looking up the torque specs, the bolts are only tightened down to around 5 ft lb. Take care and let us know how you cure the leak? John
  20. Hello Darrell Thank you for your message. I drove up to Fargo North Dakota last Sunday and trailered a 1984 Riviera Coupe back to Sioux Falls. The car had been sitting for 12 years and I was able to start it by pouring gas down the carburettor. It fired up after one turn and ran OK. It went into drive and moved forward and it also drove in reverse. I have spent the week pulling it a part, as it is complete and has the parts which I was looking for. I am also pleasantly suprised to find a dash which is not cracked. My original dash is away being reconditioned at Justdashes, therefore I now have a good used dash, which is brown. How much can you ask for a good quality dash? Tomorrow I am off to "The Cities" Minneapolis/St Paul to meet an upholstery guy who was recommended by a fellow BCA member and I will be there to talk about getting a new convertible top fitted and door panels refreshed. I will give you a call soon. Take care John
  21. Hello Darrell Than you for replying to my thread and for making contacts on my behalf. I have just sent you a PM in reply to it. Thank you once again. Regards John
  22. Hello Darrell Thank you for your message. I was rather stupid and went about removing it the wrong way. Once I read the manual and realised that the dash pad was attached to the inner frame, and it came out of the car as a whole unit, it wasn't too bad. It will go back in much easier once Justdashes.com have finished reconditioning it. There are only about 5 or 6 nuts holding it in. It did take some time to disconnect the wiring harness and all the components. Do you have a dash to remove Darrell? Take care John
  23. Hello Everyone. I need to buy the two rear floor pan sections, as soon as possible. That is; the section under the rear seat and the section which is for the foot well and in front of the rear seat and behind the front seats. I hope that someone can help me. Thanks John
  24. Hello Merrill Thank you for your message and comments. They are a great car for cruising and I have always wanted a convertible. I would like to know more about the electronic issues which you have had with the car, as this will give me an insight as to what I can look forward to, as I get to know and use the car. Mine is a 307 V8 and I see that yours is a V6? Parts are the biggest issue for me, as there are no parts held by the GM dealers for these years and the car is not old enough or popular enough for the reproduction companies to make parts for them. However the guys on these forums have been fantastic and the networking is working for me. PM me and I would love to chat to you. Where do you live in Utah? I spent a year in Idaho Falls and have driven through parts of the state, its a very interesting and beautiful part of the country. Take care Regards John
  25. Hello BobThank you for sharing with me and the other members your photographs. Wow you really did alot of work to restore your car. Is it a 307 cubic inch V8 engine?Where did you buy the chassis to body urathane mountings from and what did they cost you?It is great to see lead/solder wiping being used again for body repairs. I can remember back in New Zealand, where I originally come from, experiencing this in the first year or so of my apprenticeship. It is now a lost skill.I am going to have to fabricate two pieces to fit into those positions which you repaired, (just above the rear side lights and above the stainless steel moulding), as mine have rusted out and need to be replaced. I also have a few very small holes in the rear of the floor pan and in front of the rear seat. I imagine, that the car being a convertible, it leaked from the roof at some time and water stayed in the rear fllor pan area. I will be able to weld these up easily and then rust proff them.How long did your restoration take and did you recondition the engine and transmission? Do you ever drive it south of the border to any of the Buick meetings?What do you do for a living? I teach auto shop at an academy here in Sioux Falls and while poorly paid, it is a good job and I get the chance to work on my own cars.Take care Regards John
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