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  1. Hello BobThank you for sharing with me and the other members your photographs. Wow you really did alot of work to restore your car. Is it a 307 cubic inch V8 engine?Where did you buy the chassis to body urathane mountings from and what did they cost you?It is great to see lead/solder wiping being used again for body repairs. I can remember back in New Zealand, where I originally come from, experiencing this in the first year or so of my apprenticeship. It is now a lost skill.I am going to have to fabricate two pieces to fit into those positions which you repaired, (just above the rear side lights and above the stainless steel moulding), as mine have rusted out and need to be replaced. I also have a few very small holes in the rear of the floor pan and in front of the rear seat. I imagine, that the car being a convertible, it leaked from the roof at some time and water stayed in the rear fllor pan area. I will be able to weld these up easily and then rust proff them.How long did your restoration take and did you recondition the engine and transmission? Do you ever drive it south of the border to any of the Buick meetings?What do you do for a living? I teach auto shop at an academy here in Sioux Falls and while poorly paid, it is a good job and I get the chance to work on my own cars.Take care Regards John

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