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  1. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/littleton-1963-buick-riviera/6914630313.html
  2. Thanks for the instruction. Worked like a champ. I like the wood grain and it will match my doors. I dont know why they didnt do this from the factory. Is there an easy way to get the radio panel out?
  3. I have a 63 Riv. How do you remove the headlight switch knob? Putting wood grain on the center dash.
  4. First attempt at posting a help for Riv owners. I installed all new bushings, ball joints, Tie rods and new larger front a rear sway bar recently. I had difficulty figuring how to compress the front spring to get it back in. Then I saw a hole at the top of the spring cup and the Spring compressor rod just fit in it. So I removed one end of the compressor and effectively compressed the spring into the pocket against the frame. Worked very well. Here are some pics along the way. Fairly self explanatory. I used a chain around the spring and frame just in case it decided to bolt. Can be deadly. I also have the benefit of a lift and jacks etc. Used tie down straps (orange) to guide the spring exactly into the proper position. Remember straps are your friends. Another word of caution for safety. Never stand in front of the spindle. I always stood to the side so if the spring wanted to eject I was not in its path. Well that was the idea anyway. Once installed, I moved to the attachment of the front rod connection to the lower control arm. Again straps are your friend. I needed to pull the arm back to line up the bolt holes. One other lesson. If you install a new sway bar. Make sure you tighten the bolts to the straps before installing the spring. Very difficult to get a wrench on the topside with the spring in the way. Make sure you torque everything down to spec and install cotter pins. Good luck.
  5. I am trying to reinstall my front springs. Used a compressor but the center rod hits the middle of the upper spring cavity. Any suggestions on how to get the spring compressed and get it in there? Thanks
  6. Trying to remove my front lower control arm bushings. They are really stuck. Whats the best way to remove them?
  7. I am trying to reinstall my front springs and cannot get them up into the right position. My compressor's rod sticks up to far and hits the metal center of the spring mount on the top. So I cannot use it as intended. Any suggestions on how to compress the spring and get it in?
  8. I am trying to remove and replace the front lower control arm bushing on my 63 Riv. I tried using a ball joint remover but no budge. Any trick to removing these?
  9. Thanks Rivnut. Your always a big help. Just got the Dynaflow rebuilt in Denver. $1300 with a 2 year warranty. Guaranteed not to leak.
  10. I am looking for a supplier for the plastic linkage bushings on a 63 Riviera Dynalflow transmission. Anybody have any thoughts?
  11. Chasander, thanks for the info. My gear is 20 tooth. I will give them a call. My car is Gold with the white cloth interior.
  12. I have a Dynaflow from a 63 Riviera. The odometer gear mechanism that goes into the tranny is missing a gear tooth. Anybody know where you can get one of these? Do you need to buy the whole metal piece?
  13. Getting ready to have the Dynaflow out of my 63 Riviera rebuilt. Anybody know any tricks to fixing the leaks in a Dynaflow?
  14. My tranny leaks like a siv. I have removed it for repair. Whats the best way to stop the leak. Any after market fix's? Any recommendations on a good Dynaflow guy in the Denver area?