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  1. Just finished a complete brake job, installed new muffler, and repaired the electrical problem at the distributor I've been struggling with for a while. Thanks to all of your posts, otherwise it would have sat much longer. Now I need to stop oil leak and oil consumption.
  2. When you upgrade valves and stem seals, what machine work is involved. Valve length only?
  3. I'm a little late on replying to this, but I recently continued my parts search. I haven't taken the lens out of the housing, and the only numbers on the surface are "Coray tail lamp". I've called Boos-Harrell, and he only has the plastic repro. I really would like NOS if I can find one for sale.
  4. Thanks Tom. This helps. I may end up fabricating something also if I can't find the correct parts. I have talked to a guy in the past that has replicated several of these assemblies, but I can't seem to get him to call me back. I would think that someone would have drawn this assembly up so that others can have it fabricated as well, but I can't seem to find that either. Thanks again for input.
  5. Found the issue. It was leaking at the nozzle bars. I replaced the 5 round gasket seals and it's running good now. Everything else was ok. Thanks for help.
  6. Ok. I'll take it back apart and look at it. It does seem that the car has been running rich on idle, and I don't remember seeing that check valve there. Thanks, I'll let you guys know what I find out.
  7. No I haven't. What's the best way to check that? What's a good pressure? Thanks.
  8. Hello all, I'm a recently new member to this forum. I'm having trouble with my '41 Linc Cont and thought I would poll the experts. I recently decided to get our lincoln running after it had sat for 6 or so years, before then it probably sat for 7 or so years. Everything is "working", but i do have a leaking rear main seal. Other than that, everything is surprisingly functioning as it should with one exception. I rebuilt the carb, and adjusted the idle screws with a vacuum gauge. I believe it was somewhere around 18" at idle on the gauge (measuring manifold vacuum). Everthing runs smooth under no load. Acceleration is good through all three gears. When i start cruising at a constant speed, the carb seems to become flooded. I start loosing power, the car never shuts down though. It's almost as if i loose several cylinders. If i clutch and rev the engine a few times and let it idle for a second, it will act as if nothing happen and can handle a constant load for a little longer. Then it starts the same thing over. It will backfire if i don't cycle the carb with fuel and let idle for a few seconds. What could this be? Do i have my float adjustment off? I've pulled this carb apart more times than I can count. I've checked the main jets, and they are #54 with a 7.5" power valve (correct for the carb). I've also checked to see if my power valve is faulty by checking for condensate (suggested in previous posts). I can't see that i have anything else wrong. I haven't specifically checked for a vacuum leak, but i think i would see a vacuum leak at idle before a constant load. Any thoughts?
  9. Looking for a glass replacement lens. I've attached a picture of the drivers side tail light lens that is cracked.
  10. I've also been looking for convertible top parts for my 41 continental with little success. I have the lower gear assemblies, and I just purchased new 6v top motors. I was told to buy a 55 T-bird 6v motor, and it directly plugs in and hooks up perfect. I'm missing the correct acme screw and nut along with the clevis and hardware to connect everything to the top. If you or anyone else knows where to find driver and passenger side assembly or parts available, please let me know.