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  1. Have had an inquery as to quality of paint, etc. Again, this is a canvas lithographic reproduction of the original art. The original painting is worth tens of thousands.
  2. IV Porte: Got your payment. Will get it out Friday or Sat, will send the tracking info.
  3. A solution to the electric car issue would be to mandate a separate meter at the home for charging and do away with the "free" charging stations that some cities have implemented, making the user put in his/her credit card for a charge. Then both charges have a tax equal to the gas tax. But that would upset those advocating electric cars....which are absolutely useless in Texas, etc.
  4. We don't use any sort of fired heater in the garage since it is attached to the house. We also had a run-in with CO poisoning from a bad furnace this year. Nasty stuff. So we use one of those oil-filled heaters that looks like a radiator that you can get at Walmart for $40. Keeps a 2-car garage at 50-55 degrees when well below freezing outside.
  5. This is a 1970 reprint of the original 1910 William Foster painting, framed, on canvas. It was distributed only to Oldsmobile dealers. Asking $150 for it with a $25 shipping fee. US only.
  6. Can ship to one of your friends and let them handle the customs forms, etc. I've done this before and just don't want to deal with them (forms, out-of-US shipping costs, etc). Payment: PayPal paulac24go@yahoo.com. Give me the name and address you want it shipped to and we will take care of it. Roger
  7. Have an original electric wiper unit for a 46-48 Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge with switch. Condition unknown as I never hooked it up. Asking $20 plus $15 Shipping.
  8. This is a must for the Oldsmobile collector. In 1910, Oldsmobile commissioned a painting called "Setting the Pace" featuring an Olds touring car racing a locomotive. In 1970, as a commemorative, Oldsmobile commissioned a canvas reprint of this painting, only delivered to Oldsmobile dealers. This is one of the known survivors of this 1970 reissue. Cavnas is 16x20, with a gold frame. Good condition, no obvious damage. Asking $250, $35 shipping.
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