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  1. $50 OBO. Pick up only in Lancaster County PA area or arrangements may be made to pick up at Hershey in October. Call Clay at 215-313-2736
  2. Asking $1600 OBO. Available for pick up only in Lancaster County PA area or arrangements may be made to pick up at Hershey in October. Call Clay at 215-313-2736.
  3. $3500 OBO. Available for pick up only in the Lancaster County PA area only or arrangements can be made to pick up at Hershey in October. Call Clay at 215-313-2736
  4. Good condition. $100 OBO. Pick up only in Lancaster County PA area or arrangements can be made in advance to pick up at Hershey in October. Call Clay at 215-313-2736.
  5. !910 model 10 crankcase with cam ,lifters, bearing caps, timing gear, excellent condition. made for timer, not magneto. 1913/14 oil pan with all piping, excellent condition. 1914 model 24/25 starter generator with distributor. 1914 exhaust manifold. 1913/14 crankcase with broken ear, have ear, repairable 3 Schebler carburators: Model O, model L, I believe, --has slider throttle and threads onto intake, also, a model R. ' All will be available at Hershey, RWL 24-35, at lamppost 20 on the Red Field. Clay Green 215-313-2734
  6. I have a 1908 model 10 crankcase with NO damage, including timing gear, cam, all tappets and bearing caps. It is cast for the early timer, not magneto, Casting # is: 18962no1, stamped on the left ear is : B1233. $2,500. A 1913/14 model 24/25 oil pan with all piping and no damage. $400. A 1914 model 24/25 starter generator with the distributor. $2,000. A 1914 model 24/25 exhaust manifold. $150. A 1913/14 model 24/25 crankcase with a broken ear (have ear and is repairable) plus an oil pan with some damage. $400. for both. Pictures are available--email cgreen3rd@comcast.net, or call 215-313-2734.. All can be delivered to Hershey. Spaces RWL 24-35, lamppost 20 on the red field.
  7. Can you send me some more pictures of the Maxwell radiator back and sides, plus dimensions? Thanks, Clay Green
  8. A very nice 1908 Buick model 10 crankcase, complete with cam, lifters, timing gears and main caps. No visible damage or breakage. $2500. plus shipping. Clay Green, cgreen3rd@comcast.net, 215-313-2734. Also have some other early Buick parts like oil pans, manifolds, jugs, etc. available.
  9. This 55 Chevy convertible is close to "perfect"! It scored 975 points out of 1,000 at the Classic Chevy Club, plus I have a copy of every title going back to the original purchaser in Dallas Tex. in 1955. Correct 265 V8, 3 speed with overdrive, power pack, signal seeking radio. Gypsy red and Shoreline beige as per the cowl tag. Even the clock and radiator are dated correctly. Obviously an AACA senior car. Less than 6,000 miles since its restoration. $100,000. Car is located in Lancaster, Pa. Clay Green, cgreen3rd@comcast.net, 215-313-2734
  10. 1954 Harley Servi Car, motor , trans and brakes done, complete with correct tow bar. Ride it home, or tow it home, ready to go. Located in Lancaster, Pa. area. Clay Green, 215-313-2734, cgreen3rd@comcast.net. $18,000.
  11. This is an absolutely perfect 55 Chevy Convertible, Gypsy Red and Shoreline Beige. Correct 265 eng. with the power pack 4 barrel and duals. It is number matching and dated correctly down to the clock and radiator. It has a 3 speed transmission with the overdrive, signal seeking radio, power top. Absolutely stock as built in 1955. Yes, it is an AACA senior, but more importantly, it scored 975 points out of 1,000 from the Classic Chevy Club--these are the folks that judge with a dental mirror to see if the head markings on the bolts are correct! It was the cover car on Autorestorer magazine, and has been used for many ads. Everything is as the cowl tag calls for. I have copies of every title going back to the original owner in Dallas Texas. The 25 point reduction was for a piece of repo weather stipping that has since been replaced with NOS. It currently has less than 6,000 miles on it since the restoration, but is a pleasure to drive!. Even the windshield wiper blades are correct for 1955, and yes, it has the hard to find Guide 12V headlights--unique to 55 GM products only, and not reproduced! You won't ever find a better one!!! Car is located in Conestoga, Pa., like 40 miles from Hershey $85,000. Clay Green, 215-313-2734, cgreen3rd@comcast.net
  12. 1954 Harley Servi Car, motor, trans, brakes, and speedometer have all been done. Has reverse, starts and runs great. It is the G serial number, correct for the hard to find tow bar that comes with it . Totally stock, complete, and a lot of fun!!!! Located in Conestoga, Pa., 40 miles from Hershey. $20,000. Clay Green, 215-313-2734, cgreen3rd@comcast.net
  13. For Sale, 1909 Pratt-Elkhart touring car. 42 HP, 117" wheelbase, large touring car. Totally done, engine, rear, Kevlar clutch, paint and upholstery, ready to tour! Has been on at least 5 500 miles tours, and completed all successfully. An electric starter has been added. Running with a modern Zenith carb, and the correct Bosch dual magneto. Car is located in Conestoga, Pa., outside Lancaster and close to Hershey. Asking $60,000. Clay Green 215-313-2734 cgreen3rd@comcast.net
  14. If your not familiar with the EMF, they were the 2nd largest producer of cars behind Ford from 1908 to 1912! They are a 30HP car with a 3 speed transmission, and EMF was the "pathfinder" car for the early Glidden tours. Are they drivable and tourable? Yes! Joe and Betty Swann are in procss of doing a10,000 mile tour circumnavigating the US in their 1912 EMF (mechanically the same as the 1911). Follow their progress on: blogspot.com joe and betty swann 2015 EMF adventure, or check the EMF website to see how their 2012 4,500 mile trip from CA to Pa went. this 1911 EMF is in excellent condition and very correct. Correct brass, rebuilt engine and transaxle with new gears and less than 500 miles since rebuild. Top is excellent, and seats have recently been done in leather Car has a modern impulse magneto with manual advance. Carburator is a modern Zenith which improves its performance. It has an electric starter added, but ussually starts on the 1st pull of the crank, hot or cold! The car completed a 2 day 190 mile tour flawlessly and was choosen as the cover car for the HCCA Gazette, Dec 2013. If you ever wanted to own a cover car, here is your chance! Sale includes copies of about every piece of literature and manual for a 1911 EMF, plus a very complete set of original EMF tools. In my opinion, the EMF is the biggest bang for the buck in a brass car! If you are looking for a trouble free brass car to drive and enjoy, this is it. Car is located in Conestoga, Pa., outside Lancaster, Pa. Price is $50,000. Clay Green 215-313-2734 cgreen3rd@comcast.net.
  15. 1911 White 30 HP, 4 speed roadster, alive and well!! Some modifications, rebodied with a 1919 Paige roadster body, and a starter added, but all correct White mechanical parts are there including the original compression release and carburator! Runs and drives, but the cone clutch should be relined (less than $300.00). Cheap for a pre 1916 brass car, asking $17,000. Car is located in Conestoga, Pa. outside L:ancaster,Pa. Clay Green 215-313-2734 cgreen3rd@comcast.net
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