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  1. a 30 Chrysler 77. No i dont think so.Wrong instrument panel.
  2. Looking at photoes of Marmon cars i agree. But looking at the instruments i guess it is older than 1929.
  3. The weel base is 286 cm.(112,5"),and the trac with is 149 cm.(58,66"). i have not the entire lenght of the car,but i guess just over 400 cm.(157,4"). It loks like i would have to go in there to get some more photoes of the car,just to get some more meat on the bone for you. It is just sparetire on the left front fender. Did they usualy have anny data og the rear end of the cars?.This one is intact and may hold anny data if i lift the car up in the air.
  4. Hi,i just found an old car in the forest and do not know what it is.Does anyone here have anny clue? The car is around 1930 i guess and has no room for more than 4 sylinder engine.The thing i looked at is the nice ornamented dor handels and the fact it has hydraulic brakes in the front.Anny help would be apresiated. Here in Norway it is not often you fing an old car like this.