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  1. Yes, but all these take the 1.75" and they list them as the 2.25. 1936-1951 Special and Super Front 1936-1955 Special (Series 40) Rear 1940-1952 Super (Series 50)
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I had already purchased a new set from CARS and they were more than double the cost from Rock Auto so I'm assuming they are re-lined. If they have trouble stopping the car then I'll go to your solution. The brakes on my car are straight un-boosted hydraulic. I sent RockAuto a complaint letter telling them that they stock the wrong part number and that they could sell more, and reduce returns, if they stock the right part or just remove the incorrect listing. So this is their response: [TABLE=class: cf gJ] <tbody>[TR=class: acZ] [TD=class: gF gK][TABLE=
  3. I just contacted Rock Auto and even though I'm out of the return policy (on time) they will give me a 5 day window to return them. That's pretty good. I doubt they will communicate anything to the manufacturers and indeed it seems as though the manufacturers have no interest in making the correct brake shoe. I did contact a local brake shoe relining shop and they quoted me $75 without seeing the old shoes. It would also take 1-2 weeks to get them relined. As you have all mentioned, both CARS and BOB's have the shoes. They have two different prices. CARS doesn't have the best parts descr
  4. Thanks, guys. I found them at both places. I'll send Rock Auto another note...maybe they will listen this time. Hah!
  5. I have a problem. I am replacing the brake shoes on the front of my 1951 Buick Super Riviera and ordered a set from Rock Auto. They came, I installed them and then could not get the brake drum to go back on. I pulled it apart several times thinking I put something in backwards...nope. Then I looked at the width of the brake shoe and it seemed wider than the shoes that had been on the car. I measured the new shoe and it was the called out 2.25". I measured the old shoe and it is 1.75". I researched the shoes on several different parts sites and they all refer to my car as the larger shoe
  6. Thanks, Dan They do not service my model. I think I'm going to have to go to an auto glass shop and have it cut. Tom
  7. The vent window glass in my 1951 Buick Super Riviera sedan is broken (shattered is a better word). Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement window pane? Can an auto glass place cut it for me?
  8. Thanks much, I found it. It's funny I had looked at Bob's in the past but didn't see it.
  9. I've been trying to find a decent replacement for the vent flexhose in the engine bay. Does anyone know where I can find this?
  10. Just joined this Forum. I have a 1951 Buick Super Riviera Sedan originally purchased by my grandparents in Riverside, CA. The car was ordered by a General at March Air Force base who was transferred before he took delivery. The dealer called my grandfather and asked if he wanted this metal flake blue one instead of the black one he ordered and it became the family car. It has 57K original miles on it but looks like 100K. I'm going to restore it to "good" condition with paint and interior as my daughter has announced that when she gets married she wants this car instead of a limo. Sinc
  11. Excellent. It was the 1/4" allen wrench that I needed. I could not see that there is a hex hole at the end of the pivot pin because of all the grease on it. Removed the grease, put in the allen wrench and spun it out. Thanks!
  12. Oh, that would be great if you could scan the page! I have the car on jack stands and have my floor jack and a stand under the spring. I've taken the tension off the suspension so I've freed up the rod. I think I do have a 1/4 allen wrench. I have a manual but I don't think its a shop manual. Thanks again!
  13. I'm trying to remove the front shocks on my 1951 Buick Super Riviera Sedan and can seem to get the shock off. I've removed all the bolts (frame and fork) but cant get the rod out where the upper suspension connects to the forks. How do I get this rod out?
  14. I am trying to remove my left front shock to have it rebuilt and am having trouble getting it off the upper suspension piece. I have removed all the bolts and the only thing left is the rod holding the shock arms to the upper suspension joint...it won't come out. Is there a secret to getting this rod out? Cotter pin, keeper ring, etc.? I show a picture of where the rod is located. Also, is there anyplace I can get the rubber dust covers that are located between the ends of the arms between the upper suspension member and the two struts at the outer end of the shock (on either side of th
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