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  1. Hello evaryone! Just looking for 1 wheel in good condition for the mentioned car ... There is an EBAY auction selling a set of four but I just need one.Please check picture. Thanks a lot for your offers!
  2. Dear forum mates, I'm looking for the mentioned part in good condition.Please check pictures. In case no one available,I would appreciate if you can help with information about where can I find it of if there is any company able to reproduce it. Many thanks in advance!!
  3. Tanks Matt and Owen for your answers. However my question is where to finf new wire wheels fitting that car. I'm aware there is a source for them as I have seen several 1936 120 convertibles adverted for sale equiped with them. Many thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Everyone!I need a set of new wire wheels for the mentioned car.I asked a quote for them at Coker tire and the answer is the order may take between 1 to 2 months!!Since I need them quickly I wrote to UNIVERSAL TIRE in PA but his answer was the following:''These wheels will not work on a 36 Packard. The offset on the wheel and the center bore will not fit the 36 or a majority of the 37s. On certain models the wheel fits but the cap can not be installed due to the cap on the hub of the axle''Now I'm even doubting about the ones offered by COKER as I could have the same fitment problem.Anyone could help about these possible fitment problems and where to find them quicker than 1-2 months??Many Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hello everyone, Just restoring the mentioned car here in Spain. We are finding very hard to find a clutch pressure plate for it and it's complicated to send the original one to the USA in order to get it fixed. I've seen the one for 1929 Ford A is quite similar....Any one coluld confirm if the Ford's one would fit the Studebaker?? Pictures from both the existing one and the new Ford A in attachement. Many thanks in advance!!
  6. Good Morning to everyone!! We are restoring the mentioned car here in Spain. As we decided to install hydraulic brakes on it, we ordered from MAC's a kit including rear and front backing plates ( parts numbers there ) 28 15308-1 & 28 258341. Once received we realized they don't fit at all!!! When installing the backing plates we realized the wheel cylenders are touching against the leaf spring so it would be difficult to install the brake hose.Please see enclosed picture number #1 Regarding the front ones we found also big problems... First one is the existing brake drums are smaller than the plates diameter.In addition the wheel hub bolts are not long enough to install the drums.....Please see pictures #2 and # 3 The plates supplied are flatter than the original ones (See picture #4) but we didn't know that when we placed the order. The only solution offered is to buy special brake drums for those backing plates,different wheel hubs than the originals etc. What would you do to go ahead with the hydraulic brakes upgrade?Basically I would need to know if any of you have done the same and are familiar with the parts I'm talking about from MAC'S (Ecklers) Many Thanks in advance!! 4 archivos adjuntos
  7. Hi everyone!! We are restoring the mentioned car engine,straight eight one Just looking for new pistons,main bearings and exhaust/intake valves. Regarding pistons I've heard some companies would reproduce them...Any suggestions? It seems very difficult to find those parts so I would appreciate very much any help leading me to find them.
  8. Hello everyone, I'd like to know if somebody here has used the floor panels from BUICK FARM since I'm planning to buy them for my Buick 1947 56-C restoration.If positive I would appreciate your feedback about fitting,metal gauge,if they are close to the orginal stuff etc. it seems Buick Farm hasn't got the sheetmetal for the trunk section.Any idea if any company fabricates it? Many thanks in advance for your answers!!
  9. HI Jack, Thanks a lot for your answer.I know how hard is to find parts for this car,specially these aren't interchangeable with the 4dr closed models...but anyway I'll keep searching. I have found on Hemmings Motor News an advert from somebody saying is parting out 3 1948 Buick convertibles but I have called to the phone number 5 0 6 times and he never answered...I'll insist, I need at least all the upper door moldingns and those around the folding top and maybe the rear fenders.. I'll try to post some pictures when I have some available. Best Regards!
  10. Thank you very much for your replys. I had the parts book and shop manual but I didn't know how to look for info on them. What I really need now is some help to try to find the parts I need: -Good source for motor mounts and the rest of the body boelts. -A good Buick specialist for rear fenders and some mouldings -Wiring harness -The best available reproduction floor and trunk pans. A would appreciate any information,living out of the USA makes the task double difficult!!
  11. Merry Christmas to all!! I write this from Spain where I'm starting to restore a 1947 56-C Buick. The rear fenders are in quite bad condition so I would like to get some information about where to find them in good shape (please consider I should transport them to Europe,if I'am not 100% positive they are really good I wont buy them) Can you tell me if the ones from the sedanette 56-S would fit also the convertible? Many thanks in advance for your help, Mateo Buendía
  12. Dear friends, This is to introduce myself... My name is Mateo,I am Spaniard and I live in Spain. Thank you very much in advance for your help. I'm currently restoring a Buick 1947 Super Convertible 56-C and my first question is how many sq ft of leather I would need to reupholster the whole car in a (I think)44 trim combination,tan cord/burgundy leather? Thanks a lot!!
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