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  1. Ticking and rattling somethings. And it diesels when you shut it off. Also noticed its getting worse than usual mpg it should get 8 or 9 and its getting like 5
  2. Wondering for my 65 deville. Should I use octane booster or premium. as It does not seem to happy with regular gas. A friend of mine has a 72 caddy and puts premium in it. Is this a good idea?
  3. Sorry for the late update got a bad flu. Anyway thanks for all the help. Got the car moved and took it to the shop. Everything works great now
  4. It actually has to be moved about 100 feet on to the street Before it can go on the truck
  5. I'm taking it to the shop next week. But one issue remains. I need to move the car in order to get it on the tow truck. It will move if i give it enough gas. But I'm worried I will damage the wheel/brakes. Any thoughts ?
  6. also found out why it started acting up again. the boot on the cylinder popped off again, so something is causing it to do so
  7. alright just to be clear i would never take it on the streets without taking it to a mechanic to check things out first. i'm just trying to get it so i can move it and get it out of the tight space between a barn and my house so i can get it towed
  8. that is a good idea. my local jc has an auto class i have been meaning to sign up for that. hopefully this summer
  9. I did replace the hose. Master cylinder is also brand new. I'll try once more this week just so I can get the car on the street and get it towed to the shop
  10. After looking over the shop manual again I realize I made a mistake. It says I was supposed to adjust the star wheel
  11. I know the rubber part is the boot. Forgive me I was tired when writing this. I agree completely taking it to a shop. I only reason I'm trying to fix this one wheel is that the car needs to be moved to get on a tow truck. Its in a tight space right now
  12. What do you mean by dragging? I have never heard that term before
  13. also when i first tested it. i drove a few feet out the wheel moved fine. but when i tried again an hour later it would not move
  14. the wheel did not spin freely. it was hard to get the drum back on also had to use a mallet. the leak was coming from the rubber thing on the side of the cylinder. it was falling off. and no the wheel has not been changed
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