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  1. I'm with you I have had enough! Sick of lockdown! I know it's for the good of the country,but I just want to be able to go and drive my cars with friends! Put my expression of interest with Tom for the Maryborough rally only to find it has been postponed. Sheryl and myself very disappointed. Can't wait for things to get back to normal! I find it hard even to work on the cars,knowing I can't even get to drive them. Just have to push through it and get to better times. Maybe next year rally in the west!
  2. They were nickel plated with painted recessed lines
  3. I know what you are talking about! I was woken up by the dog and the wife trying to get under the bed! Plus I put in a formal complaint! No cupper. What is the world coming to.
  4. Ron, I have made contact with my friend in Sth. Australia. She said that she will look into it in a couple of days, at present she is on holiday at the Flinders Ranges. Look after those eyes ! You only have two. Talk soon ,
  5. I have mounted a spare wheel on the left hand guard on my senior. How I mounted it didn't take much . And was very happy with the look!
  6. Like always you seem to get it right! Well done ! It looks like it back on the road tomorrow? Just look out for the idiots!
  7. I had my cam ground to a Ralph special grind ! Work well on my 1937 dodge! Ralph will be sadly missed!
  8. You have it looking beautiful! What a sweet ride it will be. Hope to see it on the road soon! Terry
  9. Sheryl & myself really feel for you! But we know you have under it control! But If we can help can in any way just let us know! Look forward to seeing it on the road again!
  10. Well! it's good to hear that you have one on the road! I'm still trying to get to WA to catch up with Ron , who seem to have the same bug as you. At present we are with friends in SA. And will plan the next attack to get across the boarder tomorrow! What happening with the Roadster? Have Shannon come to the party? Well stay well! Or in your case get well ! Terry
  11. Hi! Matt Sheryl and myself really feel for you! To have it happen twice is unbelievable! But it could have been worse, you could have had the grand kids in the back! Or you and the boss could have been seriously hurt. I don't know how you controlled yourself? I would have gone crazy! I look forward in seeing how you repair the old girl as I'm heading across to Ron's place. It will give me something to read on the forum. Well get on with job and get her back on the road,because you are probably not busy anyway ,you have plenty of spare time to do the repairs! Ha,ha. Catch up in a couple of month's time.
  12. Don't worry Rich ! I see Ron in a few week times I check if he has a few screw loss or not! But seriously it great to have a great group of fellows with the same interests!!!!!! Look forward to catching up on run!
  13. Ron,Just make sure the shed is clean and the frigde is full for when I come over! Well that if the borders ever open! Well the screen looks great! You and Matt could start a business making hard to get Dodge parts! You both would be millionaires! Ha Ha! Talk soon Terry
  14. Matt I have been working on everything while in shut down! The Senior has had a few hours spent on it. The manifold has been fitted, the water pump also.still have to finish fitting the visor. Did make a few parts for the door catches plus installing the the headlights plugs and conduit that Ron made for me. There are a couple of other items like the caravan, 37 dodge etc. But the hardest thing to fix up is that bloody wombat ,it keeps trying to borrow under the house! What a mess it makes! Will catch up once the lock down is over. Terry
  15. Well Matt , it was the high light of the day! Just to seat down at nite and read the day's work list. It solved a few of my prolbem and probably other people's as well. It also raised interesting questions, both mechanical and body wise. Now I will have to find another topic to help me relax at nite. It's great to see it finished plus the bonus that it turned out so good and you are happy with end result. WELL DONE!
  16. Hi! Matt, you should have more time to work on the top, now that we are all in lock down again! It is looking good! Was going to get those generators back to you at this month's meeting, but it has been cancelled. So I will work something out to get them back. Terry
  17. That's a bit of a bugger! But it is worth the effort. Just looking at the photo, it looks the part,and is worth pursuing! Keep up the good work Matt!
  18. Matt, you might have trouble with overheating. The fact that you won't be chasing a lot of power could be an advantage, because the more power creates more heat. But it's definitely worth the effort!!!
  19. It looks sweet !!!!!!! It's a really credit and reward to the huge effort you have put into it! All you have to do now it's going, is to enjoy the ride. I just hope my roadster comes out as good as yours. Well done Matt!
  20. What no burnout! Looks fantastic! It is a real credit to you! It makes really worthwhile with the outcome you have achieved! It makes the rest of us look slack! Matt, you have done this in record time! Well done and enjoy!
  21. All you fellows have done a fantastic job! It's a really credit to all! I'm feel that Doc would be really proud of you all!! JOB WELL DONE!
  22. Don't cars always run great on the flat! But have really trouble tackling steep hills? Or they run better in the night or the rain! I know one thing, they make me pull my hair out with the their problems.
  23. It would make it a lot easier to adjust the tappets hot with only having to remove the inlet manifold! Plus maybe the benefit of cooler running on a hot day! Might be worth thinking about. I have to dig out my spare manifold.
  24. All is looking good! A fellow club member has come to my rescue, he feels that he can help. I'm taking my old impeller to the club meet 9n Friday and discuss what is require. Thanks to all the suggestions and help, it make life a lot easier with the support.
  25. I'm looking into a lead that a local club member may be able to cast one for me. I have left a message to ring me.
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