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  1. Matt, you might have trouble with overheating. The fact that you won't be chasing a lot of power could be an advantage, because the more power creates more heat. But it's definitely worth the effort!!!
  2. It looks sweet !!!!!!! It's a really credit and reward to the huge effort you have put into it! All you have to do now it's going, is to enjoy the ride. I just hope my roadster comes out as good as yours. Well done Matt!
  3. What no burnout! Looks fantastic! It is a real credit to you! It makes really worthwhile with the outcome you have achieved! It makes the rest of us look slack! Matt, you have done this in record time! Well done and enjoy!
  4. All you fellows have done a fantastic job! It's a really credit to all! I'm feel that Doc would be really proud of you all!! JOB WELL DONE!
  5. Don't cars always run great on the flat! But have really trouble tackling steep hills? Or they run better in the night or the rain! I know one thing, they make me pull my hair out with the their problems.
  6. It would make it a lot easier to adjust the tappets hot with only having to remove the inlet manifold! Plus maybe the benefit of cooler running on a hot day! Might be worth thinking about. I have to dig out my spare manifold.
  7. All is looking good! A fellow club member has come to my rescue, he feels that he can help. I'm taking my old impeller to the club meet 9n Friday and discuss what is require. Thanks to all the suggestions and help, it make life a lot easier with the support.
  8. I'm looking into a lead that a local club member may be able to cast one for me. I have left a message to ring me.
  9. Thanks ! I was not aware of that. I have tried to ring him and left a message. Will try again at a later stage.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been chatting with Ron Lawson and we both agree that if I can't find one ,I will have to get one casted in a local foundry in Australia. I might also phone Mattml430 ,he might have some suggestions on how to fix the problem or know of a local foundry that would do it. I still hopeful that someone might have one!
  11. My water pump impeller on my 1928 senior dodge is in need of replacing! It has been weld together before, and is in bad shape! I was hoping that someone might have a spare and may be willing to part with it. The one that Myers and vintage& classic reproductions list as a replacement is wrong. So can someone please help me out! Terry
  12. Matt,You be driving it around the block soon! Looking good!
  13. Matt is right, I will take one. So if you ship it with Matts, I will fix him up for the cost. I just have to inform Matt! Terry
  14. Matt that a great idea with the o rings on the cluster shaft! I just finished rebuilding my gearbox. Filled it with oil before I fitted the top plate, it is mighty thick stuff! Also had a new cluster shafts made. Your suggestions re: the flywheel marking seem correct. Thanks
  15. The marking, IGN is the points timing 10 degree ATDC I think. The other 2 markings I have no idea what they mean, I was hoping that there was a TDC mark, but the other marks have my interest. Can not find any references to them in my books.
  16. Just trying to figure out what the markings mean on my 1928 senior six flywheel. There is 3 setting on the flywheel. Thanks Terry
  17. I agree with Matt! They do look good. You can add me to the list of people who wants to buy one. Terry
  18. Hi! Matt just spoke to Ron and wish him a happy birthday. Told him to take it easy ,now that he is a old fart! Can't tell you on the the forum his answer! You beat me to the brackets, they would have look good on my 27 roadster. But they also look great on your Victory! You have them fitting neatly on the post and once plated they will be prefect! Keep up the good work! Terry
  19. Matt Looking good!! Can't wait to see it on the road!
  20. You are making Ron jealous! His still won't get his guard until june!
  21. Thanks Matt, but its measurement overall is 113mm. Might have to get one cut! As for Ron's senior I just hope he has the front seat done by the time I get there!
  22. Thanks Matt , got your PM. Tried to find one on line but didn't have any luck. Might have to go to a store near me. Will ring you to discuss other matters in a few days after I sort out a few personal matters. Going to pick up a front guard for Ron on Friday. I will be going across later in the year to see him, so I will deliver it to him then. Plus take his Senior for a quick run around the block.
  23. Thanks Matt, I was hoping to get a convex mirror to fit! It might pay me to measure the old glass and check out supa cheap near me. I need to ring to discuss a few things plus talk about some stuff that you getting for Ron. Thanks!
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