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  1. The wheel is 14x6's with no offset. Bolt pattern is 5 x 5. I still need to get a wheel to make sure. I took a tape measure and went from one hole across to the other.
  2. I will put them for sale in March. I thinking 35 to 65 .00 each... I will post them before this car show. http://www.enwicc.com/
  3. 1953 kaiser dragon 1941 buick ambulance
  4. I see them on 1930-40 trucks and the Kaisers..
  5. https://www.google.com/#q=Farmers+Insurance+license+plate+toppers&tbm=shop
  6. We had a studebaker president speedster. I love that car.
  7. One of the Tires is a mobil pegasus tires. Any one want it? It has the pegasus in the rubber about every six inches on the side wall..
  8. Dune buggies??? I think they are for a Truck... I tried to get on the Hamb .http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/f...splay.php?f=59 no luck They look different when you take the 40 years of dirt of them...
  9. You may notice that the Bentley has a Sun roof in it.
  10. Jet It is not mine. It was in the backroom at the AACA museum in PA.
  11. Orphan car series. Post a Picture of your car....
  12. It might work, But they are the same size 6 inch..They Dune Buggy Has wide ones in the back....
  13. Any one have a picture of the back of the Rim from 1967-1978
  14. Thanks, That was great to read about them. Do you know what year they may be from the back? Iam thinking 1963-1974.
  15. try Rudy Phillips 2136 Walnut St. Ramona, CA 92065. 1-760-789-3608. RUDY'S. PARTS<wbr> ...
  16. The fender and the curve at the bottom. I can not find the line on the door.. In picture number two..
  17. You can buy them and put them on a 1960's era Sand Flea dune buggy. I had to look thur 90 tires to find them...
  18. It look like a 1942 chevy car. but this is not it... It look like a rag top car.. The thing I am looking at is the bump on the door...In the second picture..
  19. It did not make it on the pile to the scrap yard.. I have three air air compressor, golf rack, 1957 motor.. some steel pipes..... I try to find a good home for the stuff... but can not keep it all..... If I know what the door is I can list it...
  20. I went to the farm today. I loaded up the truck and trailer with a lot of junk...
  21. AMERICAN RACING TORQUE THRUST II. One wheel had AMERICAN RACING on it.. I also have one SLOTTED MAG. It is for a wide tire..
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