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  1. I just look up my first house I  bought.. I paid 55k for it with 20 percent down..  It was a great house built in 1917.


    I thing my payments were  $232 or $323 a month..


    I did park the kaiser Darrin  and the 55 Chev at the house..


    Will have to look for pictures someday..


    The house had 47 rooms.. If you count every room in the house..  Boiler room, Coal room .. etc..





  2. 15 hours ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

    I wonder if they will accept me as a member? 😁

    I am getting interested in these member cards, or better yet, card designed to be handed out by car clubs of the 50s to improve young club member images with the public.  Often these said things like " you have been helped by a member of xxx club", to be given when assisting another motorist.  Anyone else collecting these?


    I have a a few of them.. or a lot.. Just did know any one wanted them.. 


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  3. I asked for info on Hershey. plan to go in 2022.

    No one called me back..


    I wanted to take my kid to get him hooked..


    Right now I may not do anything to get the young car collector hooked on this stuff.. 


    My Dad got me hooked.. Now I am  not so hooked..


    I could list of few items. but will not do this..



    Just a few  car insurance  sheets..


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