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  1. Thx Mathew! Buick 41 Special............go figure after looking nothing like my 41 Roadmaster........
  2. yep-color changed as the old paint was to be removed(to many spider webs and faded) and went with period correct chips Pearl Gray
  3. excellent shape-few minor cracks but all there $
  4. so Gent's its done............many many hours "fixing" all the 74 yrs of barn storage issues
  5. agree-execllent description given-I got my 41 Roadmaster done last fall and showed in local show @ took 1st now if i can find my original post a year ago..............
  6. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the progress and picts.........just can Imagine
  7. have any inside step door bottom plates in great condition?-looking to upgrade e-mail:
  8. I plan on coming with my Buick buddies from KC. 1st showing for my just restored 41 Roadmaster.Excited to meet other's and learn
  9. or where I could find a print and fabricate my own- any thoughts gents?
  10. oops- my bad.........sorry had a grandson on lap feeding while posting- will move it hate getting old
  11. Thx for the update Billy! Ive been slugging through some of the same issues with my 41 Roadmaster- she will be done in October-God willing sir! As to the fishing, if your ever in Alaska......... c me. I'l show you Salmon on the Kenai river most ppl only dream about.....
  12. I just finished Bill Anderson's book about 41's-excellent read for anyone! Engine gets pulled tomorrow for a "freshening up"
  13. keep it for sure-I struggle with the historical evidence she has now(original dealer invoice in glovebox) versus a completed frame off restoration and go through her inch by inch.Question Gents-Are BCA judging events more geared toward originality or preservation? On a another note-met and became a member of the Mid-Am Buick club today! Good group of folks