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  1. Dont belong in any Pontiac club in US. Will ask from French Lake. Thanks
  2. Friend of mine has 62 Bonniville coupe and the car got hit by VW during first ride of this spring. We havent been able to find replacement parts for the car here in Finland.Thats not too suprising since there isnt too many 62 Bonnevilles here. Looking for right hand side door and fender,anyone got those for sale or know where to find them? Prefer answers here,or Thanks for reading. Tommi Laamanen,Finland
  3. If I remember correctly I bought repro vent window gears from C.A.R.S for my 1962 Electra. They cost bit less than 100$ each back then. Dont know if they still have those for sale.
  4. Hello! You are not alone : Have you started to work on your Buick yet? Btw:looks good when the roof is also "Marlin Blue". My car could use a paintjob,and I`m thinking of painting the roof of my car blue too. Specially when there are no moldings or anything to separate the those two colours. Tommi
  5. Alisa,now eight years old,loves cruising.No cruising here for about 5 months now,damn winter. I promised to give Alisa that Bel Air when she gets her drivers licence.So I have like ten years to restore it. There`s just one problem;She wants Chevy to get painted green,and the tag says silverblue... Not even two-tone,just silver blue. Nice thing is that it looks like `Marlin blue`on my Buick. Chevy is 2dHT,and in need of complete restoration.Still has its original (Haven`t checked the numbers yet) drivetrain;283,2BBL+PG. Car does also have Chevrolet cool pack,aftermarket/dealer installed AC. I`ve owned it for a year now.Got it more or less by accident;was looking for another Buick.More specific 59-60 flatroof project. One Ebay deal fell through,and I heard about this 58 BA that was already in Finland. Haven`t done much to it,no room in carage right now.. Did an inventory though,and it`s missing some parts.Nothing major or too hard to find. ( ) It will need trunk floor and couple small patches,but overall she`s really solid. One correction;white roof in my Electra is not Arctic white but Ivory white...
  6. Just sent few pics to John with only minor problems. I´m not that sharp with computers... That`s one nice LeSabre!My friends have some old "yank-tanks" too; 1958 Special 2dHT 1962 Cadillac town sedan,custom 1962 Sedan deVille,custom 1966 Pontiac LeMans 1960 Chevy Sedan delivery,mild custom 1960 Chevy Impala flatroof,348+PG,#`s match 1959 Chevy Impala coupe 1958 Bel Air 4d 1962 Electra convertible 1962 Impala 4d Those cars a still owned by my friends,just to mention few.For some reason no Fomoco or MoPar products. Of course there lots of ex`s that has been sold or traded away.Some guys have also given up their hobby with old cars. Kids and house payments can do that... Tommi
  7. Hello,and greetings from Finland! First I have to apologize for possible spelling errors;I`m from Finland after all. I have owned fully optioned Electra 225 for about 20 years now.Buick is originally from California I guess,has AAA southern califorrnia sticker on its back bumber. I bought the car in early nineties (Had to sell my 63 Bel Air to afford it,sad). California sun had burned original paint,but previous finish owner had the interior done.Was nice. There was mechanical problems;Hi speed was 40km/h eventhough engine seemed to work fine. So I presumed that problem was in the Dynaflow,so I had it fixed. Costed shitload of finnish marks. (Currency before Euro) Like half of the price of the buying cost! Ok,so I had overhauled DF,and Itoght that I was ready to cruise...little did I know... Got the tranny in place...nailhead purred...still 40km/h! Wth?! Car had old exhaust,maybe from 1962,and it wasnt that good.Rusty,but intact.I wasnt too happy about the fact that >I wasnt going to drive on highway speed,but I going to deal with that later so I bought new complete exhaust for the car. After installation I took Electra for a spin;drove like a dream! So the problem had to be with exhaust. Opened big muffler near rear axle and... All the inside stuff (dont know the right word)of the muffler was loose (didnt make a sound)and blocking most of the exhaust from getting out. Unbelieveable since the old exhaust was free from dings /hits/external damage. After that car was painted on original Marlin blue/Arctic white scene and museum approved here.I overhauled the engine back in 2009,mainly because getting parts for that is so easy nowadays.Back in nineties it would have costed like 3000€! When I bought the car odometer reading was 12k miles,and now its 35k or so. Everything works except AC and original Sonomatic. Interior isnt that good anymore,and she could use a repaint,but what a pleasure to drive! Nowadays I`m going to start re-restoration,unless my 58 Bel Air (full project) goes first...:cool: Dont`n know how to add pics,but I might be able to send some to someone who can and is willing. Thanks for reading. Tommi Laamanen from Finland,Europe
  8. Edited the first post.Now the list is up to date. Tommi
  9. Add with photos: Not a hopeless case,but sure requires lots of work...Too bad that theres no sense to ship that beauty here...
  10. Sounds like poorest of the poor.Worth saving? Tommi
  11. Thanks for your reply. I`ll check what your friend has to offer. Tommi
  12. Some found,still missing parts... Tommi