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  1. I do not own this car but do wish to find it a good home. I try to save as many as I can. I have seen plenty of them and this one is in very good shape: top, upholstery, engine, body and all. And it is a driver-fun and you must pay attention. Just going down Broadway at lunchtime virtually stopped traffic. i thought we would have to give up on lunch- so many people wanted to stop us and ask questions. We got an offer of $7500 at a red light. I will recommend the owner let it go for something like 7.5-8K usd. I thoroughly enjoyed comments on this post. Not my interest for I am a muscl
  2. $8,500 This is $1,500 less than asking price on the consignment lot. The photos tell the story: clean body, new ragtop, 4 door touring car with new upholstery. Stock engine. A survivor.
  3. I know of several restored beauties that are available and some (Camaros, GTOs, Chevelles currently on the rotisserie and one great Firebird) IN COLORADO. Budget? Doc Lipton doc_lipton@yahoo.com Still saving cars of my youth
  4. PRICE REDUCED TO $7500. THANKS FOR COMMENTS During my rounds of car places today I found a great and clean model T 4 dr with rag top. Upholstery looks new and complete. The vehicle starts, runs and stops. iN PART A RESULT OF COMMENTS I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO CONVINCE OWNER IT IS BETTER TO TAKE A LITTLE LESS AND HAVE THE CAR FIND A GOOD HOME Photos etc for interested folks. Doc Lipton doc_lipton@yahoo.com Still saving cars of my youth-this one is slightly before my time
  5. Everyone knows that the 56 Thunderbird is one of the most highly valued of the TBird series. This is clear from auto shows, popular press, and certainly from modern movies. They are highly sought after cars and they are becoming even more expensive with time. How can you own a truly exemplary example of this classic? You can try to find a really solid 1956 carcass and have it professionally restored. I am in the business of finding such examples and I have a tough time finding them around the world. Good luck to you unless you are willing to make the search a life’s work. Even if you f
  6. 1948 Lincoln Continental A salvage yard in Colorado is moving out some older cars to make room for more recent vehicles that make up a larger portion of its business. One of the star cars in the exodus is a true American Classic: a 1948 Lincoln Continental that is whole and beautiful. This car is powered by a 351 Ford engine linked to the original manual transmission. There is rust in the rockers but overall the car is clean. The photos speak well for this desirable car. Transport is available. $4200 Doc Lipton of doc_lipton@yahoo.com
  7. I have found a Colorado salvage yard that is "culling" its older vehicles to make room for more modern ones that are more consistent with its current business. To me, these older machines are too good to lose and they are inexpensive. Consistent with my current Mission in Life, the saving of cars of my youth, I hope to help find homes for these vehicles. The list below is a starting point only, for to post details and photos of each would be a daunting task if done all at once. If you find one or more vehicles of interest please let me know and I and the owner will provide details. Transp
  8. All good choices and all 3 still available. Can we help you with more information? We can arrange deliveries to Dayton or you can pick up the vehicles locally. It would be great to get these wonderful machines back on the road again. Jim
  9. Thanks for your observation. Are you interested in the machine? It needs a good home.
  10. I cannot comment since I know little about the locations we use. Never been to N CO (Just came from Pasadena last year), Kansas or Nebraska. The 35 Ford I know a little about is in Kansas. We have local scouts who are knowledgeable concerning old cars. It is likely that I will not see the machines directly unless they are on a truck/trailer in Denver.
  11. Never heard of the yard you mention. Ours is remote and, on purpose, I do not know the location or the region. Partners choice.
  12. We thought pre-1950 since there are no horizontal grill bars. Willys changed according to reasons best known to the managers and shared parts across years.
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