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  1. Carb float material I have a 1924 Buick 24/34 which uses a Marvel carb with cork float which over time had become saturated with fuel. I tried making a new float from cork and treating it with clear fuel proof model varnish to no avail. The solution was a float made from ethernol proof material obtained from the following company in the USA. Restorationstuff.com. They stock not only floats for some vintage vehicles, but also blocks of float material that can be cut/machined to shape. The replacement float was 30$ + postage and has been on my car for over 6 months and is functioning OK
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments. parts ordered from Tom VanMeeteren today.
  3. I have checked and the existing 4 cylinder contacts are as photo1. Photo 2 shows the 6 cylinder contacts laid on top and their longer length. Photo 3 shows the NOS 6 cylinder contact arms I have . Hubert can you please confirm an e-mail address for Tom Van Meeteren so i can contact him and hopefully purchase a 4 cylinder contact set. Thanks you all for your help.
  4. Thank you all for your responses. I will check the breaker plate but I am sure the steel section which carries the fibre heel and tungsten contact is physically longer on the six cylinder than the four cylinder distributor. I will post a photo to show this. Thanks Hubert_25-25 for the Delco part number it confirms I have purchased moving contacts for a 6 cylinder. If anyone could supply me with the correct 4 cylinder contact set in exchange for the 2 moving contacts I have that would be great and I would of course cover any postage costs etc. Obtaining any American parts in the UK for vintage
  5. Can anyone help with a supplier for NOS ignition points for my 24/34 roadster? I have purchased 2 NOS moving contact arms (Delco13341 ) from Mikes Obsolete Auto Parts but unfortunately they are obviously for a 6 cylinder motor as they are about 1/4 " too long. If anyone could confirm the correct Delco part number and a supplier that would be a great help. As you are all aware ignition parts for the the 4 cylinder cars are difficult to find and I have already adapted a later modern ignition cap and rotor arm to resolve ignition problems and I could do the same with the contact points but wo
  6. Just to prove it does not rain all summer in England, a picture of my Buick 24-34 roadster on the way to local show in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire .
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