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  1. Greeting vintage1 Thank you for the great suggestion. I will check it out. I found a better photo of one and trying to reproduce it but do not know how successful I will be.
  2. kmstrade I missed your November 2018 reply. My WB is 120". Have you done anything more on the project? Dan
  3. Hi Bob, I am Dan from the STuTZ Club. I was asking the question for a member. I have the manual for the 6 cylinder Blackhawk but it would be great to have information on the 8. You can email me at thestutzclub@aol.com. I forgot to set the notify me button so I just saw your reply. Thanks. Dan
  4. I need the instructions to check the cam timing on a 1927 STuTZ Vertical 8. Thank you in advance. Dan
  5. I am looking for a good usable radiator badge and drive side door handle for a M Dan
  6. 693

    stutz fenders wanted

    Hi John, If you have not found your fenders, would you like me to send an email blast out to the club? Dan
  7. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I was able to back into the location without as much trouble as I thought I would have. I did mount a front hitch just in case. I am also going to mount a back up camera on the trailer for a better view and to safe arguing with the wife!!. Dan
  8. 693

    book value

    alsancle, You are correct. I miss Bill Greer! Dan
  9. 693

    book value

    Hello trimacar, I do not have the price of the leather bond in the text on the website because none have been ordered in awhile. The price of $189.00 is on the order form. There is a link to the order form a little further down the page.
  10. 693

    book value

    I will attempt to clear up the myths concerning the Splendid STuTZ. I am the Treasurer of the STuTZ Club, Inc. and handle the orders and shipping of the books. There was only one printing of the book in two versions, the brown leather bound and the silver standard bound versions. At the current time there are still new books of both versions available for sale by the STuTZ Club from the one and only printing. The book was put together 22 years ago by the founding members of the club on a limited budget. Their goal was to consolidate what literature and information there was about the history of STuTZ. Although informative the literature and information available did not provide a unified and comprehensive account of the fascinating story of the marque and the companies and people who created it. It was this void that the STuTZ Club set out to fill in the book. Some of the illustrations are less clear than ideal, usually because they were taken from old originals. They were included in the belief that their intrinsic interest outweighs that problem. The Splendid STuZ is not and was not intended to be a coffee table book filled with professional rendered photographs. The book is a wonderful collection of historic and technical information. It was assembled by members with a love for the marque and a desire to record and preserve the story. As a current member and officer of the club I salute them and thank them for their effort. Edinmass is correct about the problem they experienced having the book published. The original publisher went bankrupt and they were left with no book and no money. A few members funded the publishing of the book and were issued promissory notes by the club. All of the notes were paid off through the sale of the book. Dan DiThomas Treasurer
  11. Hi Dave, It does but I can not see the heater hose outlets on the Fusick photo. I believe the 58 pump is a one year pump because of the heater outlet placement. Do no know enough to know if that is correct. Would not want to loose the heater function. Dan
  12. A friend has a 1958 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood that has been in his family since new. He asked if I could help him find a water pump and out it on. Not knowing much about 58 Caddy's I thougt I best come to the experts. Where would I find a water pump? Thank Dan
  13. Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply. I do not have a garden tractor but a used small tractor is not a bad idea. Dan
  14. Due to the tight area that I must maneuver my 24 ft enclosed trailer in and out of I am researching motorized dollies. The trailer is a 24 foot dual axle ball hitch trailer that weights 3200 pounds empty. The storage area surface is asphalt with little to no slope. Does anyone have experience or comments on the various powered units on the market? I am not looking for the cheapest unit but am concerned about safety and easy of connection and disconnection. I would only move the trailer 3 to 4 times a year and would have to move it 20 to 30 feet before hooking up to the truck. Checking on line I have seen the following units: Trailer Valet Pro which is powered with a 60V drill motor Parkit 360 Force 5K which is power with a 12v battery. I would be able to use my 12 v winch battery mounted in the trailer. Trax600 which is powered with 36 volts (3 12v batteries) Power Caster PC2 which is 120V AC powered not batteries ( the 120 VAC would work since I am close to an outlet and not moving very far) Thanks in advance for your assistance. Dan
  15. Thanks to everyone that has replied. It appears that there are two and maybe three lubes suitable for the worm drive rear with yellow metal used in the 1926 to 1934 STuTZ cars. 1. Penrite T140. 2. Mobil SHC 634. 3. New Holland if L6 can confirm a part number. Oldcartech: I enjoyed the article on Machinery Lubrication. Thank you. I spend my early years, many many years ago, in a hot strip mill where we rolls steel slabs into coils of thin steel. We had many large (10K HP) gear boxes. I was not involved in the maintenance of these gear boxes since I was in the electrical group but I know that a lot of time and thought went to the selection and constant analysis of the lubrication. Dan
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