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  1. Hello All: Moving out of State. Have finally decided to sell my 1954 Buick Match Book for 125.00. Noel 732 216 7888 (C)
  2. Hello all: I have finally decided to Sell my 54 Buick Match Book (In Cover) and have reduced the price in order for a Real Buick Enthusiast to have. As noted this is a rare piece of literature and have only seen one advertised about 8 years ago with no cover. In good condition as shown. Noel 732 216 7888 (C)
  3. Hello All: Have finally decided to Sell my 1954 Match Book and have reduced the price to 125.00. Noel 732 216 7888 (C)
  4. Gentlemen-Thanks for your input.We all learn something new every day. Especially in The Classic Car World.I have had a number of Buick Cars.One in particular was a 54 Buick Roadmaster Convertible.The former owner of the Roadmaster made me aware of the Match Book. I purchased it a year or so after i had purchased my 54 Roadmaster Convertible. I like all had never heard of it and over the years actually misplaced it. Now that my Buick Collection is gone (for now) have decided to sell.I have seen one (1) other advertised over the years in Europe however was not in the cover as mine is above. Yes it is an amazing piece.
  5. Pictures Posted. In cover,without cover & a sample inside pictures. Noel
  6. Will post a picture within the next day or so. For clarification the 1954 MATCH BOOK is Very Rare.It lists all Buick Models with Pictures and in addition it Describes all other Competitive Cars. I assume by your comment you are Not Familiar with this Rare Piece of Literature in Book Form.. Would suspect you can investigate it easily. Thanks Noel
  7. Selling Buick Literature. 1-1954 BUICK MATCH BOOK in cover (Good Condition) Offers over 175.00 also Selling 1954 Buick Owners Guide. Slight tear in right corner otherwise good condition. 21.00. Also Selling 1 1955 Buick forefront of fashion for 29.00 (Pictures of All 1955 CARS) 732 276 6677 My email is