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  1. Tank you for your help, i¨m going to wait to test this drum brakes, and if work properly stop thinking about that convertion to disk brakes. And Yes, Patricio said that he will drive this car with engine turned off ultil he get 16 years old and could drive w/ driving permition. Its realy nice to find people who can give you advice in this place.
  2. Hi I recently bougth an 1940 Olds series 90 to restore, i want to do this leaving its original style, its a a nice car , comes w/ original 8 cilinder engine , and we are looking for only 2 small mouldings and the rear logo in the trunk. This car has drum brakes , and i think that must be better to have disk brakes in the front, i did my web serch and found conversion kits, but only for 60 and 70 series, and the seller told me that cant fit to 90 series, but someone says to me that spindles in 40-56 models are the same. I dont want to buy something that i am not going to use. I hope
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