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  1. I sold one last year for $5,500 that did run, the motors on these things are like a Swiss watch, they are easy to start and run well. Get it running and you should be able to get around $5,500 to $6000
  2. Roj

    1929 Buick

    I would say your spot on in your estimate.
  3. I have a use for it if you don't want it, I'm not that far from you and would gladly pick it up.
  4. If you have a Duesenburg title PM me, I would like to frame it after purchase.
  5. Hmmm, I might have called the wrong number by accident, but if you need further help, just yell.
  6. Larry tried calling several times, glad to see you got one, if you need help in the future, let me know, I can help you out making them.
  7. How much for the 20 footer, if your not interested in it, I am, I'm a 20 footer too!!!!!!!
  8. Car restoration, well if you are a good business person, yes you can make it work. If you have a job you can make a living, but won't get rich anytime soon. I have two business's now, one is something I love to do, the other is work, and then I have a full time Engineering Position. It depends on what you want to leave as your legacy. I work hard and make a very good living, some people work hard and make enough to eat, others get by and don't work at all. If you work hard enough and do enough research you can be successful, if you half it, then you will be in worse shape that you are right now. So in the end, what can you do and what do you want to do.
  9. Good luck with this, I have been looking for a good 37 for 10 years, looked at a couple, looked at one completely gone, just not many out there to be had.
  10. Um good driver................. It's a nice car, but it needs to be restored again to be mint and done completely this time................. It's a good driver
  11. Um, with the pictures, it looks to be a very nice driver, $90,000, um yep you are outer atmosphere high.
  12. Larry, I just got done making a gear for a 1914, if you have the broken rod, I can replicate it, might be able to even fix the rod you have, depending on how bad it was damaged. The gear I repaired for Eric Hill had 2 teeth missing out of it. Up to you, I'll do what I can to get you back on the road.
  13. No pictures it's hard to tell the value, 4 door sedan doesn't help either, guess $4000-10,000. Sorry to hear he passed, any car guy is a friend of mine.
  14. Do hackers not have anything better to do...........
  15. Might want to put this in the for sale section....
  16. Amen, not many around, but it's not a Bugatti...................
  17. I buy, I don't sell, it looks to be a very nice car. Yes I have a couple of Buicks, but not for sale.
  18. I guess after reconsideration, your right and I'm wrong. I am definitely on the high end, if not over the cliff. $50,000 does sound about right. My bad.......................... It does look to be a very nice car.
  19. Price? I assume the girl is not an option on the car.
  20. Obviously depends on how well it was restored, but $80,000-110,000. It looks to be a solid car and looks very nice.
  21. If you want it made, PM me, I can and have made parts like this before, if not, that's fine.
  22. Yes, The top piece is a plastic part made from a 3D printer and then chromed.
  23. To answer the question they can be polished and they can be chromed, I have a 3D printer and I have made and chromed parts in the past. You will need to 3d scan your part, then upload the print into the 3d printer, It is easiest to make it out of 17-4, then polish it, add copper, then chrome.
  24. I have done Hydroforming of many frames and what you do is make the bottom of the die and then use a large bladder with hot oil encased when forming the part with pressure. The part you show above can be made many ways, it can be 3D printed in 17-4 steel, machined in a 5 or 7 axis machining center, formed in a regular die with Kersite to keep the cost down, or hydroforming can also be and option. If you want the part made give me a yell, and I'll help you through it. Cost 3D Printing approximately $500-800 after it has been sintered 5-7 axis machining Would have to study the part further, but in the same range Kersite die 600-1000 but would be able to make about 500 pieces Hydroforming Have to study the part further.