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  1. I can highly recommend Automotive Machine in Baytown.
  2. Kaycee I was poking around on "AllCraigslist" the other day for split head six stuff and saw an engine in a frame with that heater stuff you are looking for.
  3. Thanks Tinindian for the information. I wish I only had 3/16" play, my chain is so loose it can slap the oil spray nozzle. I was able to find a new one at CPR. With a complete overhaul new pistons, new babbit, new valves and guides etc. I will go ahead and put a new chain. I doubt if I will ever put the miles you do but I want it as good as I can get it to start with. The lobes on my distributor are wiped out. Mine is in a 1928 GMC and the carb rock guard I have for it is the one I showed the other fellow in his post. Maybe that's the difference, Pontiac vrs. GMC, I don't know and info is
  4. I am building my first split head engine ( 1928/29 186 ) and have been crusing these forums for information. Questions like, how much slack is acceptable in a timing chain? Is a new chain available? What is the proper grade bolt to replace head bolts? Whats the deal with the oil pump, the center section seams to crack around the bolt area on the outside thank goodness, what is acceptable clearance inside the housing around the gears? Is there repair parts for the distributor ( cam lobes )? How available are Marvel Model A carbs and parts?
  5. While my wife is getting ready for Thanksgiving I have been reading these old forum posts. After reading yours I went out and dug through some old stuff I didn;t use to build my 36 street rod. I did find the old sending unit and all gauges. I don't have a clue if they are good. If you are still in need they are yours. Just let me know. I rarely get on these forums, read or write, I assume your response will be e-mailed to me.
  6. Well its time to get my engine going in my 1928 GMC Express. It is a 186 or 3 1/4" bore. My cylinder bore is roughly .007" larger at the top than the bottom. I have 6 good standard pistons (3.250") but will require cylinders boring. I would like to find a set of pistons .010 over or more. Also does anyone know if I can get a set of standard 1929 pistons and bore to fit? I do not know if the piston is simply larger diameter or did they also make other changes to the pistons such as pin size or deck height etc. Thanks for the help. Paul.
  7. Well I would say that the truck is a T19 I have a 1929 T19 with split-head six, same wheels. T18 used the Pontiac split six but was a smaller truck with smaller wheels. All of the upper size GMC trucks used the larger Buick engine. The difference this truck has from mine is the rear area. What I have is an express body and this looks a little different. I would love to get my hands on that truck and bring it home. Also it could be a Pontiac T19, same truck different logos.
  8. I am looking for a radiator cap for 1928 or 1929 GMC truck. I have the Pontiac split six engine.
  9. I am interested in the engine/trans assemblies if you still have them. I am in Lake Charles and would drive up to you if its still there. Please advise.
  10. Looking for split six engine with flywheel and pressure plate. What might you have?
  11. I have just purchased a 1929 GMC truck with Buick engine disassembled in bed. I was told the cam and possibly all cylinders are wore out. I will pick the truck up in about a week and evaluate the engines needs. I wonder if the engine is the same? What you are asking for it? What is its condition?
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