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    need help

    i respect all here ......that is why i m here
  2. emad

    need help

    actually you dont understand me ..........all i need is .....a plans for this kinds of cars the 1930 s and 1935 s and .....but how i can get this plans. not only blueprents . and i really dont want any one get the books for me ...... the question is .... how to get drawings or plans or bluprents or whatever i just like to make my models in good dimentions not just only a old car wood models emad
  3. hi all friends .......im emad from egypt actually im not profisional in car modeling but im trying to do my best but i have one problem that is all plans or drawing only the blueprints ......what i can download it from any where but no complete bluprints i can not buy wingrove books from amazon but that is what i need so if you can help me in this .........that will be so good thank you for your reading