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  1. Hello Buick Riviera Experts! I am admittedly not one, but have been helping a widow from my church get her late husband's '69 Riv running after several years of sitting. The battery read 12V initially when disconnected, but nothing when I connected the cables. I traced this to a short in the positive battery cable. The positive cable was routed in front of the engine cross member, and between the cross member and passenger side motor mount where it wore a small pinhole in the cable on the metal seam on top of the cross member. I insulated the cable with a thick layer of electrical tape, 3" in each direction as a temporary fix, and replaced the battery. Once everything was reconnected, I cranked the engine, and it stuck in crank, even after I turned off and removed the key. I disconnected the negative battery cable and it reset the system. I repeated the process 3 times. Once, I was able to bump the starter and release as normal, the other two times, it stuck in crank as described above and I had to disconnect at the battery to stop it. I did disconnect the battery cable at the starter solenoid to access the cable to tape it up, but reconnected it to the solenoid as I found it, and verified that none of the wires are touching the wrong posts. Any ideas? My theory is that the short welded something up in the solenoid. I do not have a wiring diagram for the solenoid, but I assume it is wired correctly because It is as I found it, and supposedly, it ran fine when put away a few years ago. Should I replace the solenoid? I have never done this with a starter motor mounted solenoid. Can it be done on the car, or do I have to take the whole starter off? If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them. Thanks?
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