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  1. Sorry, Spell check Gungeey, you are the 👨
  2. Gingery, Thanks, this is exactly what I have started, no wanting to cause a shit storm cause I didn’t look at title when purchased. shooting for new title in my name from dad, then do corrections Thanks Felix
  3. Hi, I have a 51 Roadmaster, 4 port. my Massachusetts title shows Model name as 40 and Model number Special. This is clearly a Roadmaster and title is in my dads name, but signed over to me(son). Dad has passed on. The question is run the title as is into my name,then apply for corrections. Thanks Felix
  4. Need 2 decent ons I have many parts available also 1951 51/72 sedan Felix
  5. Hi, looking for a few parts tried phone number not working 9098887137 skyking227@me.com
  6. Roadmaster radiator, oversized might solve it
  7. Hi, I have a 51 Roadmaster, it had that most annoying squeak underdash well after 4 years I found it. Heck Ive asked everyone but. it was hood rubbers. Open hood. Look at windshield, dab a little grease on hood contact points near windshield. A friend had a Buick same problem, looked at mine saw the rub marks hell I knew by friction points I saw you call me if it works. This came to me by accident . this blew my mind Steve 781-422-4189
  8. Ben Bruce 51 roddy parts felix 781-422-4189
  9. NOS front fenders $200 each never mounted have old fender wells to match Raditor $150 exhaust manifold $200 no cracks 3 pieces see photo have intake ( no damper assembly ) nice Grille $400 lots of extra parts location Hanover Mass, USA
  10. Hi, I have 2 decent from my 51 Roadmaster 4 dr, bottoms a little crusty. I you can wait a few weeks I am getting new material to repoduce mine, gonna cut a little longer to fit Keep in touch skyking227@me .com
  11. You selling the glove box door skyking227@me.com Steve G
  12. Hi,Need outside door handles 4 (Mine are pitted)Vent window chrome 4 (Mine are pitted)Rocker panel Trim (Stainless) 2 Those long ones, I have the 2 shorts on rear doors (mine are dented)I have 3 sets of above looking for possible betterSkyking227@me.com AKA Felix AKA Earl the Pearl781-585-3212 South of BostonThx
  13. Yes thanks for everyones help, yes sleeves are made today for most shafts. I am glad to not have bought another. Will be installing later in December
  14. So it came off like you said, soaking slid off. Problem is both cars have scoring where seal meets now I need to buy one . Not having much luck trying to purcahse help
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