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  1. Tim, I have a son that lives in Pappilion (sp) and would like to see what you have the next time I visit. I live in Hudson, IA., about four hours away, and will be planning a visit soon. Dan Brobst
  2. I have a couple of old books on Model T Speedsters but am looking for anything specific to Model A's. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I do have a good idea of what body style I want which will require a 4 or 5 inch drop in the frame. This will be a low budget project so I plan to use the stock Model A engine ( I will dress it up with headers and dual carbs), boxed frame, stock brakes, etc.. I would also like to make my own friction shocks and would like any help you might have. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I will check out the websites you suggested. I am an old hotrodder so I have built z'd frames and suicide front axles; which I plan to do with my stock frame. I also plan to split the radius rods (front and rear) but have concerns about the stock brake rods and steering pitman arm. Thanks again.
  5. Am new to this forum but not new to AACA. Have a 1929 Ford frame and drive-train and am interested in building a Speedster. I am considering lowering the frame about 5 inches and extending the wheelbase about 7 inches. I will copy a Laurel Model T frame but making it longer instead of shorter. I am interested in hearing from folks that have built frames and what pitfalls that I might run into. Some issues are; front caster, brakes, steering, rear pinion angle, etc. Thanks for any information.
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