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  1. Seems to be a real nice car, but I am looking for a convertible. Thank you Tor
  2. Thanks for the information. Would love to have a Roadmaster, but they are much harder to find ( and more expensive). I have owned 41-42 Buick with both the 248 and the 320 and I totally agree with you about the performance. I currently own a 1942 Limited mod.91F and the long wheelbase also makes a difference in comfort.
  3. My 1942 Limited 8 passenger with divider window came from New Jersey and my 1941 Limited " Sixster" to Sweden a couple of years ago. The 41 lacks the fender skirts. 41 or 42 is just a matter of choice. I Think both are magnificent cars! Tor in Stockholm
  4. Hi I am looking for the 2 dome lights that are specific to the Limited 41-42, the rear license plate light housing and glass and a couple of hubcaps for 41-42 Limited.
  5. Hi Ben. I have enclosed a couple of Pictures.
  6. Thanks for the information. I will remove the rocker arm shaft to see if there are holes for the hydraulic lifters or not. Tor
  7. Nice that you own a 42 Limited too. Mine is with the Electric divider window 8 passenger with jump seats. I am looking for some items for my car. Do you have any spares?
  8. Thanks for the interesting information. I did not know Buick offered new full engines for pre war cars.
  9. Hi Pete. Thanks for your comments . Sounds reasonable. I have experienced title problems with engines beeing switched, I will pull the the side panel cover. Tor
  10. I recently purchased 1942 Limited Limousine. Yesterday i saw that the block had the casting for the later (48 an on ) Engine mounts on the sides. However the engine number is a correct 1942 number. The only difference is that the digit 9 indicating the series is the last digit as seen on the later model engines. For 42 I believe the digit 9 should be the first digit. Does anyone know if you could order a newer replacement block and have the original engine numbers stamped in the new block? Is there any way to find out if it is a later block with hydraulic lifters? Thank you
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