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  1. 🤠Trying to find left side marker light for 1989 Honda Hatchback. Part# 34350-SH3-A03. Thanks, Art in Cal.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I have just located a good one and it is being shipped. Appreciate the info. Art. in Cal.
  3. I still have the above unit. The price is now $250 plus shipping. Art Smith 530-743-2942.
  4. 😎I still need a good front drive line yoke for a `16 to `18 studebaker. The 4 or 6 cyl. vehicles use the same one. I am changing the U joint to a newer type.
  5. 😮I have a `31 Studebaker 70 series 8 cyl. Brougham. I am trying to rebuild the vibration damper. I need the 4 cushions #172298 in the middle of the unit. Is anyone reproducing them or have flywheel #172294 with good ones in it?
  6. Sorry about my error. Studebaker. Thanks. Art
  7. Thank you Bob. I placed the add in AACA. Will contact you when it warms up for some parts for my `31 commander. Ignition and others. Thanks, Art.
  8. I have a `17 4 cyl. touring. The front U-joint is bad in the drive line. I need the components or another drive line with a good front joint. The cross is #20299, with cover, for one. The bushings are #21098 for 4. The information is from the original parts manual. Just checked the original parts book and the 4cyl and 6cyl are the same drive line `16 `17 and `18. Thanks Art.
  9. That is the number that I have but it is dis-connected. Thanks for the other contact info. Art.
  10. Could anyone tell me how to get a hold of Robert. I tried the number in the Antique Roster and the number has been dis-connected.
  11. 😬 I have a 1917 SF 4 cyl. touring. I need the front [drive line #20299 cross w/cover and 4 bushings #21098] U-joint. If you have a good drive line with a good joint I am interested.
  12. Could Fernando please contact me at lucky7@succeed.net about the waterheader. I see in the pictures that he has 3 and would really like to purchase one. Desperate, Art.
  13. Please contact me at lucky7@succeed.net
  14. Art here in N Cal. I thought I contacted you about a man who might have the part you need. I do not see it listed so I guess I did not. The man who claimed to have a waterheader for my 4 cyl engine scammed me for a lot of $. He has no parts. What I need is a good waterheader to finish this engine. Would you be willing to part with one of the three that you have? I am in N Cal. Thank you. I have been working on the car for 2 years and this is the only thing holding it up from running. I will try to find your part if I can. I am a member of Antique Stude and Studebaker Drivers Club.
  15. Looking for a good waterheader [water cover] on top of the `17 Stude. 4 cyl. engine. All `16 thru `19,s are the same. I was just scammed for one out of this forum and lost a lot of $. So please be prepared to answer questions. I know someone has a good one laying around. I need it to complete another Studebaker lovers `17. Art, lucky7@succeed.net.
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