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  1. Jon Thankyou for sharing your wealth of knowledge . It is very interesting to learn of Case and Westcott oem fitment . I did think of an alternative carb to fit , but I am one of those sad percentage that only want what was original ( provided it works ) ! The carb actually is in good condition and seems to behave well at varying revs . My issue is flooding of the float chamber . Since I wrote this post I have taken carb off vehicle which allowed inversion and removal of float . Hmm , been repaired , and has one pinhole , which has allowed fuel in ! At last resort it could be repaired again but does wear more solder than ideal ! However when reading the patent application it would appear that the float chamber is most likely the same as earlier model carbs . It has a 2" x 1 1/2" float with 3/8" centre hole . Is that somthing you may have ? I could also do a mod to fit a modern rubber faced needle onto the original long needle if necessary but will try the float first. As lasr resort , Stromberg or Carter here we come ! Tim
  2. Hi All I am looking for information on a certain Rayfield carb . No , not the common model T conversion , but a Rayfield ST model , which I have on an Reo T6 . 1923 year . According to 3 owners manuals I have these cars were fitted with model LL3P carb , or in 1926 and 1927 with a Schebler model S . I have trawled the internet and cannot find any pictures or mention of an ST .However I have found the original patent application in 1922 for a Compound Venturi carb by c.L Rayfield which is virtually identical .can any of you carb gurus add any info please .The carb looks like an oem fitment. Many Thanks. Tim Ingles
  3. Hi If you still have Head gaskets I would like to buy one please. are you ok to send them to England ? If not I have a DHL International account, and they could go on that , Many Thanks Tim Ingles
  4. Good Evening I am hoping to catch an owner who may have suffered a similar fate. Have a '27 Lincoln L 357 cube motor. Motor runs fine but when revved it pressurises coolant. First idea that springs to mind is a head gasket ( or 2 ! ), but looking at the inlet / water / exhaust manifold ( its running original updraft carb ) it would appear that corrosion inside it could cause pressure from exhaust to get into water jacket and top hose . or am I just lacking in knowledge of this engine setup ! I have not removed any parts yet but was thinking of pulling and inspecting manifold before lashing out dollars on head gaskets. Any learned ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Tim
  5. Ah , thanks for info, the reason I know the wheel size is because I now own it ! took a transatlantic gamble , again . I fell in love with the "Road Locomotive " aspect !! The only observation I have about the bumpers is that I would imagine them to be chrome if a 28, and if they re finished them in nickel you would expect them to have removed any differences , I think she is about Feb -March '27 by the number.
  6. Hi Linus Why do you say she has a '28 bumper ? Tyre size is 700 x 21 , not 20" Cheers Tim
  7. Yep, I also have a 26/47 Master, although one or two bits seem like a Standard , so I guess it is a Mastard ! Motor and driveline rebuilt, body needs an hour or two ! but she will be nice when finished. Cheers Tim
  8. Hi Guys I am looking for a set of pushrods for a 1930 46c, the rods are 14 15/16" long, ( may have been 15" when new ) , any quantity would be appreciated but must be in good condition, my engine is running but has bad wear in cups, and are like a politician ( slightly bent !) Thanks in advance. Tim
  9. Thank you very much guys, I have a '26 also and that shows plating under the paint, but could not find any plating under the '30 rims, they are at present silver but have some black paint underneath, I think black should look good, as I am treating the old girl to a set of BFG whitewalls ! Will post a pic when she is re shod Tim
  10. Hi Could some learned person tell me what colour the wheel rims should be on my 1930 Buick 40 Bus. Coupe. The car is at present pale blue with pale blue / red wheel spokes ( wood wheels ) I assume black or silver but not sure , I am about to put her on a set of Goodrich white walls. Many Thanks Tim
  11. Thankyou Leif for your help, I have actually found a reconditioned one in England ! Correct one for a '26. Some of us are born lucky !! however there is a lot of work to do before we make her growl. Body off now I think and get the hardware all reconditioned and sweet. I will keep you informed of progress. Cheers Tim
  12. Many Thanks, That should clarify the hunt, doesn't mean they will drop off trees though ! I will investigate my 1930 one, if that would fit I'm sure I will have no problem. Tim
  13. Ok Thanks I will have a measure up tomorrow
  14. Hi, Thanks for answers, Yes Buick quit 6s in favour of Straight eights in '31 I think, You are correct in your assumption , the distributor drives off a worm on the generator - water pump shaft, within the Generator rear housing, I have one that fits the hole , but mine also have lug drive on the end as well as gear, ( which does not want to mesh ! ) I have posted on Buick board, having realised the errors of my ways, on the first day of registration !! We will get it right one day.
  15. Leif Thankyou for this information, will continue the hunt for distributor a little easier now I have a Pt Number , I was trying to find the Delco Number preferably, which will be something like 633G Glass should not be much problem, and I guess new glass is going to have less scratches ! The bumper could just have been fitted later, as it is a California car which only came to England a couple of weeks ago. I have nearly worn my Ebay button out, but will just hang in there and keep looking, as you say something will show up if I am persistant, Thanks again Tim