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  1. Agree FULLY. THAT is why I say call someone who OWNS thier own transport business. Heck, I don't care if you use us, most of you never will. Just providing my .02 here. As an owner of my own transport company, I stopped using brokers to help grow my business after the second time within a month when I got screwed being told they had a car for me to pick up on a return leg and when I got there the car wasn't there. As a small business owner I can't afford to get yanked around like that. If you call us or anyone like us, you can talk to the owner of the business and get your car moved. Why u
  2. We can go on about this for hours, but that is why you choose someone like us where you KNOW who is coming to pick up your car. No offense intended but if you call a broker you are relying on them to send someone to your house who knows what they are doing. As a broker you may know some companies, but do you know the individual who is showing up to the client's door? If you do, more power to you, I would call you too. Our disagreement may lie in that I only transport high end automobiles, so my clientele know me and know who is showing thier car...me (or Garth). I still say I want to know the
  3. "I have used white glove car shipping to move an 87 mercedes from georgia to new york and found the service to be affordable and safe" THAT is a broker. Good luck using that means...sometimes you will luck out, sometimes you won't.
  4. Concur completely. Do NOT use a broker. I run a business doing this, but can't help you as I am based in DC and don't go coast to coast. Call someone like Tom Sunday or someone else who is trustworthy. I started my business because I was so upset with the way my car was shipped using a broker... Regards, Matt B
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