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  1. It looks like I do have an original McKay Red Bead Bumper. Although I only have one of the bow ties it is in good condition. Thanks John_S_in_Penna
  2. Guess I should have provided photos first. I received two different bumpers. One is very heavy and has a beaded spacer between the bars. This is the one that the tie plate with the logo.
  3. I got a bumper with my 1928 Packard that is not a Packard product. The bumper tie plate has the logo McK printer on it. Anyone have any idea what vehicle this came from?
  4. I have a nickel era 1928 Packard that I am restoring. I know the judging rules indicate that plating should be "as manufactured". I have many small interior parts that have to be plated. Chrome resists tarnishing much better than nickel and I would like to know what kind of penalty I would incur for having small items chromed rather than nickeled. Also the kind of nickel plating called hard nickel is brighter but not chrome. Is it allowed? Large items such as headlights, radiator shells etc would be nickeled, but I am just interested in chroming small items.
  5. Do you still have the can style headlight shown in the video. I need a pair for my '28 526 Bob Horton
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