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  1. Definitely a little steep but maybe he’s come down in price 🤞.
  2. Been using it for about 8 years now... http://seafoamsales.com/deep-creep/
  3. I would even part this out if anybody is interested... It's complete with all accesories.
  4. Selling the engine and transmission from my 1930 Dodge Brothers DD6 sedan. Motor is an I6, flathead, 189.9 cu in, rated at 60hp from the factory. Trans is a a 3-speed manual. Motor does crank like a champ on the starter, I can send a video of it cranking and showing great oil pressure. No spark at plugs and I really don't want to start sourcing points, condensor, wires, etc if I'm not going to use the motor. Asking $1500 obo. Pick up is preferable, but we can work out a deal for me to take it to the Canadian side of the US/Canada border at Pembina, ND if desired. Motor is still in car if you want to come see it crank. <!-- / message --><!-- attachments -->
  5. Definitely planning on keeping them nickel plated, not a big fan of chrome. Thanks for the info!
  6. I'd like to plate the door handles and window cranks on my 1930 Dodge DD6. Does anybody know what type of metal these are made of? Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much! I thought I was losing it as I couldn't see any bolts under the dash. Hopefully I have the 3rd option. Thanks again!
  8. I'm trying to remove the chrome strip that goes over the cowel on my 1930 DD6. I can't seem to find any fasteners holding it on. Any ideas on how to remove this without wrecking it? Much appreciated!
  9. I've almost got my DD6 running, but I'm missing one important part... the ignition key. It was lost many years ago. It has the ignition key switch and coil as one unit, so she cranks like a champ, has good oil pressure, fuel pump working, just no spark. Is there a way to bypass this switch? On the back of the coil, it has three wires; one is "hot" (constant 6V), one goes to the fuel gauge, the last goes to the back of the ammeter. Can I run a jumper, (from what to what)? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Check out the pics...
  10. Just came in the mail. Thanks! Merry Christmas.
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