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  1. Arizona 1955 Buick Century 2 door hardtop, the nicest body you will find. The 322-4 barrel that runs good but is a little tired. Car drives nice, has a newer set of Coker wide white radial tires on '56 Buick Kelsey Hayes wire rims. new brakes, the front are a Scarebird disc conversion kit with a dual mater cylinder. The car has been rewired with a Ron Francis wiring kit. New Newport wiper motor. New front windshield, new front and rear windshield seals and new gas tank. Car has great original chrome and all chrome and stainless shown missing in photos is in a box. The White paint is the second time the car was painted, original Green and yellow car as you can see under chrome. Boxes of extra parts, '56 Super power steering, '56 Super 322-4 barrel. Really nice old car. $10,500 see photos and video at link
  2. NTX5467, Thanks for the information, Nice cars. My photo is a little deceiving, the car has 2-1 1/2" spring spacers on each side. I think my shocks also need rebuilt, they were dry for years.
  3. Old-Tank, I have the Coker Classic 235-75r15 Radials on it but I have a set of the original wide whites I can put on. If you could measure it would be great, the link was to 1952 models. I am not sure if they would be the same.
  4. Can anyone tell me the correct height of the front and rear wheel well with good stock height coil springs. My springs are shot and I need to know if I want stock height or what amount of drop I would like to order new spring.
  5. Thanks TexasJohn. I do have a Shop manual and a 1955 motor manual and they both tell me to remove steering wheel and to use a puller but never tell how to get to the point that I can use the puller.
  6. I need to repair turn signal switch on my 1955 buick century, how do I take it apart to get to it? Right side works, left side does not.
  7. If intrested please send me a PM with an offer, I would like to have the garage space....
  8. I have been told 54-56 Buick Century, Special and Olds 88 are the same. I have not had time to look, too many other things going on and the car was hid in the back of the garage.
  9. This is a solid convertible that has been in my garage for the past 16 years, only 5558 produced. The engine is complete and turns over, the transmission was apart when I bought the car but I have a '56 Super dynaflow that goes with the car. The engine and transmission are now in the car (new torque ball kit installed and new front motor mounts). Body is pretty solid needs drivers floor pan, included and floor patched under rear seat. Doors are rust free (Passenger door has had dents pulled out). Driver’s front fender is rust free and Passenger fender has small amount at headlight chrome. Trunk and Trunk lid are rust free. Frame and body mounts look good (have pictures that I can send). The front header bow is rusted and the convertible seats and rear arm rests were gone when I bought the car. I have original driver’s door panel and rear quarter panels, hardtop seats and panels go with car. Send me a PM and I will be able to give more Photos of the car and any items that I know are missing.