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  1. I will be heading to Durham, NC Feb 13 if that helps anyone on these fenders, my car does not need them and they are just hanging on the wall.
  2. Thanks to all for comments, nc-car-guy is a life saver... Fyi... I had the car sold last year until tranny started slipping so I killed deal and plans changed. Tranny is rebuilt, engine is at machine shop, hope to have it on the road in the spring...
  3. Had the car sold until tranny went out. Plans have changed, tranny is rebuilt, rebuilding 322 now and was trying to fix the leaking rear end seals when I found the splines and broken pins.... Great car, have not broken a bolt yet disassembling the car, I bought it in Arizona.
  4. Looking at the interchange manual it looks like the carrier assembly is the same for small and large bodies, is that correct?
  5. I need a 1955 Century rear end, differental or ring and pinion. The spline on my pinion are heavily wore. My ratio is 3:42, pinion part number is 1318723 12-41-GM. I could also use a drive shaft. I am located in Cincinnati Ohio but will travel.
  6. Can anyone tell me what color the transmission should be painted
  7. Dropped price to 1200, if you can use these make me an offer
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