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  1. Beautiful, a perfect Reatta Select 60 with very limited mileage. A joy to see all of the pictures of this pristine automobile, just as fresh as it was from the Reatta Crafte Center....and did anyone notice it sports a black oil dip stick. I really do believe I have seen more low mileage & higher mileage Reatta's with black oil dip sticks then ascribed color of grey for the oil dip stick, as prescribed by the Buick Nationals judging rules.
  2. Great review, I totally enjoyed watching! Thank you for posting. I couldn't help but noticing that the prototype Reatta engine in the video has a black oil dip stick and NOT grey....hum, just saying.
  3. ]I don not think this is a Select 60, as the picture of the interior is the one used to advertise my Select 60 when it for sale on Hemmings a few years ago, just cropped. Here is the picture:
  4. Maybe not a collectible, but how about expensive! Check out this current offering on Hemmings for a $50,000.00 Reatta. Dig deep into those wallets collectors. http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/buick/reatta/1721754.html
  5. Cargirl, Here a couple of pictures, just for you. Enjoy.
  6. A seller on eBay has a number of copies of the book up, with "buy it now" price of $8.99 + $4.00 shipping, $12.99... a very good deal!
  7. Walter, I too now have both a black and a grey oil dip stick, after hitting what seems like way too many wrecking yards looking for a "grey" dip stick. It seems that most dip sticks I saw in wrecking yards and at BCA National in Reatta's were black and not the festive, highly desired, pure grey. Are they really that fragile? Humm.
  8. 234 miles, long before a first required oil change. Ok, because of the age, time may have permitted a few oil changes....but, breakage by GM employee or a museum employee seems a little off, pure fantasy, wishful thinking or B.S.. How about they (GM, Buick Division) had a few manufacturers for dip sticks and some made grey ones and some made black ones....and both were used. Just like in all other models of the year.
  9. This Select 60 is as low miles and about as direct from the factory as you will find, anywhere. I do hope everyone, including judges and future judges at BCA Nationals have noticed that the oil dip stick is black and not the grey dip stick that is suppose to be the only factory color for a Reatta dip stick...to me this documentation that both colors of dip sticks were used!!! Oh, wait, I almost forgot my 3,400 mile Select 60 never titled purchased directly last year from the award winning dealership the was awarded this fine vehicle came with a BLACK oil dip stick.
  10. There was a question brought up in Portland as to the correct color of the plastic on the Select 60 seat belt guides...tan or white. I just gave mine a good cleaning and they are white. Bright white.
  11. The ultimate view of 2014 Buick Club of America National, Portland, Oregon...row R, Reatta
  12. What a great time in beautiful Portland. It was really super meeting all of the Reatta-people....all so nice and helpful. All of the Buicks were incredible to see or should I say the Reatta's! And here is another view of the Reatta line-up on row "R" in Portland.
  13. Is the NOS hood emblems for a 1990 Select 60? And is still for sale? thanks!
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