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  1. Hello, If you are heading to Hershey this year, please check out my vintage store. Once again, I'll have some amazing beaded and mesh handbags! We're at space CH 31-33. Visit my store www.vintagepursona.com to see the kinds of purses and clothing available. Please email me off the website if you are looking for something specific. They make great Christmas gifts. Gentlemen, if you're looking to impress someone, a unique vintage purse will most certainly do it!
  2. Huge collection of exceptional large antique purses and clothing for sale at Hershey space CH 31-32.
  3. Going to Hershey? If you're looking for vintage clothing, hats and handbags, please stop by the chocolate field space CH 31-33. I specialize in the Edwardian era. Also have items from the Victorian era, '20's and '50's. Please check out my etsy shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/vintagepursona if you're interested.
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