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  1. 6 volt low pressure pass through pump on a momentary toggle to prime before start, problem solved. I had the same issue before, now with 2 seconds on the switch she starts right up and no worries about over pressure or fuel pumping uncontrollably in an accident or failure
  2. Larry, If you haven’t settled on anything yet let me know and I’ll get you a price shipped commercial to my work in Carlisle where you can pick it up. We get good rates. I’ll need a weight estimate and where Mark will be shipping it from. Chuck
  3. Yes Steve I did that first. I did not see a change until I replaced the tubes in the heat riser itself though. Chuck
  4. Steve, I was struggling with getting my 31 to idle and run smoothly. It ended up that I had a couple of holes in a heat riser tube. I couldn’t see them until I ran a scope through the tubes. I replaced them and it solved the problem. It might be worth checking if you haven’t yet. Chuck
  5. It is running well now. I was still having problems dialing it in and went back to square one, double checking everything. Found some small holes in the heat riser tubes. After I replaced them it all fell in place and it is running good. I can hardly tell it’s running while idling. It still doesn’t like it when the weather is really hot but it runs. Thanks for all your help.
  6. I pressed in the tubes and flared the one end and loctite sealed them for good measure. It runs a lot better but I’ll have to spend some time resetting the carb since I had messed with it so much. Much smoother running. Hopefully I can start moving on to other things soon. i appreciate all the help. Chuck
  7. I noticed a bulletin from the Hershey Elegance that they are cancelling the show next year. Hopefully it is not forever. That was a great show and I attended almost all of them. The bulletin said something about not making a difference. Did the overhead become too much, or did the organizers have some other reason to shut down I wonder.
  8. Hugh, After removing the old tubes I can see that the heat riser is basically a cast shell, hollow on the inside, and with holes in the tubes it can pull air from the linkage holes drilled on either side of the casting. Also, in my case I had not plugged the carb side of the heat tube, only the exhaust side so I'm sure it was pulling from there too. Chuck
  9. Terry, You are lucky your cars don’t have these, that’s for sure. If I didn’t want to keep the car looking original I’d toss out the whole mess and put a downdraft setup in it. Chuck
  10. Tony, I'm glad you posted, I forgot all about digging that light switch out. Anyway, here it is, complete with the cover. I think I paid $50 for these so that is what I would need out of it plus $10 for shipping, or I can bring it to Hershey if you'll be there. I have a space in the green field. I am not sure if it works but I do remember checking them for continuity and they all checked out that way. No guarantees though as it is obviously used. If you want it PM me with your address or let me know to hold it for Hershey. Thanks, Chuck
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. I got the old ones out. It looks like I’ll have to machine down 1 1/2” OD pipe for this. The pipe is actually flared out on one end. It is 1.43 OD on one end and 1.475 OD on the other. Go figure.
  12. Hugh, The block plate I welded in is on the exhaust side of the horizontal cross tube. I’m not sure where the riser would be pulling outside air from but I’ll probably block off the other side as well since I have it all apart. Larry, I saw you were having fuel problems, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Chuck
  13. Hubert, yes the exhaust butterfly is removed and the tube blocked off. Thanks, Chuck
  14. After exhausting every other possible issue for my rough running Buick I started going through everything again, one by one and doing much closer inspections. I had visually inspected the heat riser for holes in the tubes and not seen any, but his time I wire brushed the heck out of them and then dropped a bore scope down through, and low and behold there are a couple of holes. Small, but there all the same. My question is, has anyone tried pressing a thin walled tube over the original tubes? Doing so would reduce the diameter from 1 3/8 to a little over 1 1/4. It would save me havin
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