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  1. Hello John, The engine is 425 cubic inch and the carburetor has been rebuilt. The car does not have ac. The carburetor needs to be firmly attached (my dad passed before he had a chance to do this). I will have this done and the car running when/if it means a sale. For the photos that I took today and attached, I just set the rebuilt carb on the engine. I have also attached additional photos of the interior and some of the trunk area. Let me know if you have any more questions or comments. Thanks, Verne
  2. Buick Riviera with 425 cubic inch engine. The odometer reads 89,470 miles. The mufflers, spark plugs, battery and fuel line are new. The interior is in very good condition. There are rust holes around the driver's side wheel wells. More photos can be provided. Located in the Detroit Metro area.
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