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  1. I know. Thanks for the encouragement. I have at my work place some of the equipment already. I can make a jig using the plastic axle as a pattern. It's a simple rod with bends at both ends. I think I can also create working steering too. Like you said, won't know until I try and we have a lot of the proper sized brass rod at work. I think I can create the steering part with it's associated king pins and tie rods and steering arms. I've done this in plastic and I know how to solder as that is what I do at work.
  2. You continue to amaze me. I'm barely contemplating replacing a front tube axle made of brass to replace a weakened vintage plastic part in an old model kit I'm building.The steering will be functional.
  3. Well, Mr Zimmermann, if you were to participate in any of the NNL events around the US and even the world, you would walk away with the honors. NNL stands for National Nameless Luminaries, a sort of ribbing (joke) directed at a group of well known modellers who did not participate in an event put on several years ago. Now, NNLs are model shows where there isn't judging per se, but there are votes by peers for best model. Mostly cars are the center of these get togethers but other model genres have been known exhibit. I think there is a similar event held in Norway or Sweden every year.
  4. Since time immemorial. We'd still be speaking like Shakespeare wrote otherwise.
  5. Awesome. I never got around to googling cars of the era to look for it. Thanks.
  6. Before the CDL licenses, Wisconsin truck drivers had what was called a Chauffeur's License. There were different levels depending on the vehicle. Over the road truckers had one kind , yet school bus drivers had another.
  7. Borg made a bunch of clocks for cars and this one is pretty neat looking. Borg had his hand in Borg and Beck, and Borg Warner, BTW. If this was meant to be in a particular car, one would have to track down the design image as that would have matched other design elements of the particular car. I GOOGLED my butt off and could not find any reference. A lot of different clocks were made by Borg for cars, Ford and Nash and others.
  8. Yes, very durable engine. It was funny when my Grandfather got a Skylark Custom new in 1969, that the dealer showed him a six cylinder powered Special Deluxe and it had that same Chevy engine in it. Buick was in-between marketing a V6 in those years.
  9. That's good you kept that car in such nice shape. That Chevy 6 is about the most bullet proof engine I know of. My dad had the first year Buick Apollo four door with an actual Buick engine in it, a V8 in fact. He bought it used, owned it 6 years and it never gave him a lick of trouble.
  10. Thanks for reply. True, the car should have never left the plant in that condition. US car makers and dealers were still selling on reputation and not actual quality then. Obviously also, the dealer did not care about happy customers at all seeing that the car clearly was buggered by the factory and let into the dealer queue. I think it started to change a bit after with the new downsized full size cars of 77, but still had a bit to go. Today, a new Chevy or Ford or Chrysler clearly looks good at all angles and lasts longer than it's warranty does. I bought two new HHR panels, one in 07 and th
  11. Interesting story about the Olds Omega you own. I kinda like the car, even with it's flaws. But anyway, similar story with a different outcome... My grandfather loved Buicks, he always bought them since his first in 1955, which was a Special, til his last which was a Grand National. In 1974, he ordered a new 1975 Lesabre two door. Huge car in a very dark blue with white interior and white vinyl top . Unfortunately, it came off the truck with hail damage and crazed paint elswhere. The hood was riddled with little dents. His dealer (he purchased every Buick from the one dealership) called him an
  12. I'm loving these recollections you are posting. Keep it up!
  13. Over on a different thread, (Delorean info for Bettendorf high Student) some of us discussed what Mr. Delorean may have done or not have done in regards to the GTO that pontiac created. Most of us of a certain age remember the car magazines that trumpeted this new amazing muscle car. In fact, I queried as to who created the GTO, Jim Wangers or mr. Delorean. Here is some articles that tell the story. From Motor Trend Over the 10 years the GTO was produced, sold more than a half million. That's a lot of musclecars. There are few other cars made in the United States still surrounded by as much m
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