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  1. I was up there last weekend that black 64 is really clean. I didn't see to many Riv's up there this year.
  2. when we did mine i just used the adhesive. we had the front and rear windows out also..
  3. i did this and it worked great.. thank you for taking the time to write this up
  4. no i'm running the stock control arms and have had no problems with it. i did have a leak from one of the lines and pulled it down and inspected and everything looked fine. Iv put about 8k miles on the car since iv put them on and really enjoy the ride and being able to adjust the ride.
  5. im running the ridetech kit with the shock waves up front and bags with rear shock and it rides nice. was 100x better then my old wore out stock stuff and you dont get a lot of body roll in the corners, i was very impressed. i did have to open the spring pocket to clear the bags up front but wasnt to bad.
  6. they are the boss 304's i have disc brakes up front so it pushes them out 1/4" and in the rear im running a 1 inch spacer i wanted to run a 20x10 in the rear but they don't make these rims in that size, as for rubbing i only rub the finder when i have the car really low on sharp turns but at normal ride height they don't at all
  7. im running 20x8.5 all the way around with a 245x40x20 tire on air bags and i love the ride. I think it has more to do with your suspension then tires.
  8. dose the car over heat at high rpm's or when its just sitting at a light?
  9. I'm interested in the side mirror how much and do you have any pic thank you casey
  10. he didnt have one still looking TTT
  11. I will give him a try. I kick my self in the ass for drilling my lock out. I should of waited and had a lock smith make a key for it,
  12. im looking for the truck lock for a 65 riviera i have the housing.. thanks casey
  13. thanks, i will look into that.. i think one of mine opens more then the other. i also was wondering what kind of fastener do i use for the arm that connects to the clam shell? right now i have a e clip holding it on just wondering if that is right
  14. I figured it out!!! I just had to adjust them while they were half way open, they close nice now. Thanks for the info on the springs, I'm just going to leave them out since now I was able the get it adjusted with out them.. Thanks Casey
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