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  1. 1938 Pontiac Touring Sedan Original drive-train (6-cylinder & manual 3-on-the-tree), Maroon exterior (older repaint), Tan interior (original). Car is a driver and driven but not perfect. Please reply directly to email below (preferred) or text with questions. SOLD Located in Coralville, IA Lee Lautzenheiser 319-333-4064 (text only please)
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    SOLD - 1938 Pontiac Touring Sedan

    This car is still available. The 1941 Pontiac Coupe has sold.
  3. lalautze

    SOLD - 1938 Pontiac Touring Sedan

    Only issue is that there is an exhaust leak from the manifold, I haven't found anyone locally that is equipped for this kind of work.
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    SOLD - 1938 Pontiac Touring Sedan

    adding more pictures
  5. 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe -- SOLD Original drive-train (6-cylinder & manual 3-on-the-tree), Black exterior (older repaint), Tan interior (seats recovered, rest is original). Car is a driver and driven but not perfect. Please reply directly to email below (preferred) or text with questions. Price is firm at $10,500. Located in Coralville, IA Lee Lautzenheiser
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    SOLD - 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe

    Only issue is that I add a quart of oil with every fill-up which isn't an problem to me at this time. I haven't gotten anyone to look into the motor but if I went that route then the asking price would go up...
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    SOLD - 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe

    More pictures... SOLD
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    SOLD - 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe

    Thanks for the replies. I've had some inquires on both but nothing more yet. Priced fairly as we want to thin out the fleet and free up some garage space. I might try to get more pictures posted this weekend.
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    OIl Filter for 1940 Deluxe

    Correct, there was no external oil filter offered from the factory. There was an internal oil cleaner (filter) at that time and it was designed to be cleaned at 100,000 miles or whenever the oil pan was dropped. Information from my 1941/42 manual.
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    New memember just bought a 1950 pontiac

    Here are two that I use quite a bit for Pontiac specific parts to keep my Pontiac fleet going: California Pontiac Restoration 877-504-8124 Kurt Kelsey 641-648-9086 Many of the chassis items are standard GM though and can be found through your local parts store or online. A GM interchange manual may be of help as well to cross reference. Also if you are a member of AACA then look at the Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Chapter as they are for 1958 and older Pontiacs. It is great to see you save the car, get it on the road and enjoy it.
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    Vin tag decoding

    P8KB = 1942 Streamliner 8-cylinder built in Pontiac, MI 4701 = Production or Serial Number (there were 21,927 of the Streamliner 8's built) 42-2607 = 1942 Sedan Coupe - standard trim & finish. (if there was a "D" at the end then it would the Chieftain or Deluxe trim & finish) Body No. 3023 = ?? Trim No. 150 = ?? Paint No. 14 = two tone paint, Lucian Gray Upper, Beverly Gray Metallic Lower Top 8 = ?? Accessories AK = ?? I do not have a 1942 specific book to decode the rest.
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    VIN decoding

    A = Hydro-Matic in Star Chief
  13. lalautze

    1957 Pontiac Star Chief 347 rocker Studs

    Have you tried Kurt Kelsey? He has large selection of NOS parts. Antique Pontiac Parts 14083 P Ave., Iowa Falls, IA 50126-8686 (641) 648-9086
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    1942 Pontiac

    For the Pontiac: Style 42-2511 = 6-cylinder Torpedo (model) two door sedan, 1942 model year I can't quite make out the number on the tag for color but here is a link P = Pontiac, MI 6 = Six cylinder I would need to look at my reference books for the rest, I will try to do that this weekend.
  15. Your welcome. Keeping them for your collection sounds like a great plan as I would do the same. They are nice emblems to have, somewhat rare but not worth a lot at the end of the day to most people.
  16. As far as value, I'm sure there are others who can probably give a better estimate than I can but the various Pontiac newsletter classifieds show 1950's NOS trim or emblems going for around $40. Other than pitting your emblems appear to be in good condition (not broken and studs intact) so they are candidates for restoring. I do not know of anyone at the moment who is looking for those specific emblems but if you are interested in selling and would like I can have an ad put into the Early Times Chapter newsletter of POCI or the Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Chapter newsletter of AACA. I personally think the emblems would look nice cleaned up and attached to wooden plaques for display but then again I do not have a car that needs these emblems. The car pictured is a little rough but there is quite a bit of salvageable parts.
  17. From reference books that I have it looks like 1951/1952 used this emblem on the front doors and 1953 used them on the front fenders. In both cases it was for the base models without the chrome spears running down the sides. You see more vehicles with the spears so not as many examples of these emblems. Lee
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    PM sent
  19. You have a Pontiac Chieftain. There should be a tag on the firewall/cowl which would list the model, trim, and color numbers. You will need Pontiac manuals to decode or post the information online for others to decode for you. No one make new bumpers, either you will need to search out used bumpers or repair the ones you have. Also I don't think you will find new floor pans specific to the Pontiac but you may be able to make Chevrolet pans fit. There are people out there that have had to deal with this, I have not. Most mechanical parts are not too hard find but the Pontiac specific trim can be a challenge if you need to replace anything. There are a few clubs dedicated to the older Pontiacs: the Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Region of AACA and the Early Times Chapter of POCI (Pontiac Oakland Club International) If you are in need of some specific information let me know as I have some reference books that would apply.
  20. lalautze

    1955 pontiac paint code

    I have not had a chance to look through my books but I checked and V77 would match up with 5577 from the manuals. It is a "baby blue" (lower) and a very light grey (upper) with red wheel. 5577 Marietta Blue Castle Grey Carteret Red
  21. lalautze

    '39 Pontiac Advice

    I own several Pontiacs including a 1941 coupe (6-cylinder) with the rest being mid-1950's era. There is a data plate in the engine compartment (on the firewall) that will list the body style, trim, paint, etc. I do not know how it compares to Buick plates but I would assume it would be similar. To decode you can use a Pontiac parts book or manual from the era or there are a couple Pontiac books by John Gunnell which would be helpful. Mechanical parts are not too hard to find to keep the vehicle operational however if you are looking at vehicles which need work and you are in need of trim pieces and the like those can be hard to come by. As far as the 6-cylinder vs 8-cylinder... they make similar power with the 6-cylinder being more available. The 8-cylinder engine didn't become a big seller until after WWII. There is nothing specific that I would look at compared to any other make/model of car other than if you are getting a project car make sure the trim pieces are there. There are a few clubs dedicated to the older Pontiacs: the Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Region of AACA and the Early Times Chapter of POCI (Pontiac Oakland Club International) If you are in need of some specific information let me know as I have some reference books that would apply.
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    Want to Buy 1935 Pontiac Coupe

    I do not know if this is still available but this is from the Early Times Chapter March newsletter of POCI... 1935 Pontiac series 605, 8 cylinder, 2 door coupe, black. Car history - restored in the 70’s. won a Senior 1st. in 1977. Pictured in Crestline Pub. and Auto-mobile Quarterly. Recent work - new gas tank, radiator, fuel pump, water pump, carburetor and all tires and tubes. Asking price $23,900.00 Vaughn Skoog (610) 367-0554 The picture looks nice, I would consider it if I was in the market for a coupe. Lee
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    FOR SALE - '20s RADIATOR EMBLEM ???pont

    You are correct, it looks like the radiator emblem (below radiator cap/ornament). Pontiac used these on the 1926 to 1928 cars.