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  1. K = Kansas City Assembly Plant 8 = 8-cylinder 2 = Should be Z for 1954 A = Hydramatic (1954 model 28) 5639 = serial number
  2. This car is still available. The 1941 Pontiac Coupe has sold.
  3. Only issue is that there is an exhaust leak from the manifold, I haven't found anyone locally that is equipped for this kind of work.
  4. Only issue is that I add a quart of oil with every fill-up which isn't an problem to me at this time. I haven't gotten anyone to look into the motor but if I went that route then the asking price would go up...
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've had some inquires on both but nothing more yet. Priced fairly as we want to thin out the fleet and free up some garage space. I might try to get more pictures posted this weekend.
  6. 1938 Pontiac Touring Sedan Original drive-train (6-cylinder & manual 3-on-the-tree), Maroon exterior (older repaint), Tan interior (original). Car is a driver and driven but not perfect. Please reply directly to email below (preferred) or text with questions. SOLD Located in Coralville, IA Lee Lautzenheiser 319-333-4064 (text only please)
  7. 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe -- SOLD Original drive-train (6-cylinder & manual 3-on-the-tree), Black exterior (older repaint), Tan interior (seats recovered, rest is original). Car is a driver and driven but not perfect. Please reply directly to email below (preferred) or text with questions. Price is firm at $10,500. Located in Coralville, IA Lee Lautzenheiser
  8. Correct, there was no external oil filter offered from the factory. There was an internal oil cleaner (filter) at that time and it was designed to be cleaned at 100,000 miles or whenever the oil pan was dropped. Information from my 1941/42 manual.
  9. Here are two that I use quite a bit for Pontiac specific parts to keep my Pontiac fleet going: California Pontiac Restoration 877-504-8124 Kurt Kelsey 641-648-9086 Many of the chassis items are standard GM though and can be found through your local parts store or online. A GM interchange manual may be of help as well to cross reference. Also if you are a member of AACA then look at the Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Chapter as they are for 1958 and older Pontiacs. It is great to see you save the car, get it on the road and enjoy it.
  10. P8KB = 1942 Streamliner 8-cylinder built in Pontiac, MI 4701 = Production or Serial Number (there were 21,927 of the Streamliner 8's built) 42-2607 = 1942 Sedan Coupe - standard trim & finish. (if there was a "D" at the end then it would the Chieftain or Deluxe trim & finish) Body No. 3023 = ?? Trim No. 150 = ?? Paint No. 14 = two tone paint, Lucian Gray Upper, Beverly Gray Metallic Lower Top 8 = ?? Accessories AK = ?? I do not have a 1942 specific book to decode the rest.